Standard Herpes Tesing & Igg Test Use
ajl081 posted:
How long has the Igg test been available and readily used for herpes testing? A few years ago I told past partners to get tested for herpes but I was not specific in telling them which type of test to get (I have genital HSV1 and I am hoping they got tested for both HSV1 and HSV2).

In general, when someone goes in to doctor and asks to get tested for herpes, do doctors usually test for both HSV1 and HSV2? If so, in general, how long has this been the standard practice?

Any information is appreciated, thanks!
Anon_2000 responded:
The igg type specific igg blood test was first used from what I UNDERSTAND WAS STARTED IN 1995 BUT EEVEN TODAY THERE ARE UNFORMED Doc's who still do not know a lot about herpes. It has become more available in the past few years and there is no way of knowing how often both types are being asked for. ..

I am not a medical provessional.