Vulva Swelling and White patches
An_251246 posted:
I woke up the other morning in so much pain I couldn't believe it. My vulva is completely swollen, and during the two hours before I could call my doctor (literally), I developed white patches (scaly looking) in my vaginal opening. My doctor seemed unsure whether or not it could be herpes and swabbed the sores but I won't know until Friday.

I've searched and can't find anything that talks about having herpes without having blisters first or large white scaly patches. I guess maybe I didn't notice them? I've had a new sexual partner in the last month, but did use protection. I'm under massive amounts of stress and have had 4+ yeast infections in the last 3 months.

I realize I can't know until the test comes back, I'm just hoping to hear from someone that they've had similar symptoms and it has turned out instead to be a severe yeast infection, as I've read that they can lead to sores, as well.
Anon_41099 responded:
when I have a outbreak I have itching first then comes the blisters and swelling and lots of pain in my back and sometimes kinda like flu symptoms the blisters due have a white covering on them ....