Weird smell in genitalia area
helpmeplz4now posted:
Hi, I had sex a month ago, and about 2 weeks after I have a weird smell (a little like fish) in my genitalia (I am a guy) and whenever I wash it with soap it goes away for a day or so, but then comes back. Is it an STD?

Also, I see nothing down there (no redness, irritation, etc),
georgiagail responded:
Perhaps, although fishy odors tend to be connected to bacterial infections.

Was the sexual contact protected and if not, do you know the status of your partner.?
helpmeplz4now replied to georgiagail's response:
It was protected, but she did get her vaginal liquids (or whatever it's called) all over me.

What sort of a test would a doctor perform? And what sort of medication would I get?
georgiagail replied to helpmeplz4now's response:
Well, they it wasn't protected if you came in contact with her vaginal fluids.

Testing would depend on what the physician thought you might have picked up from your description and any test results and medication would depend on the same.