The Kissing Question
concerned49 posted:
Hello. I know I am a hypochondriac to some degree, and I am being treated for anxiety issues, but this is a legit question and concern of mine. Last week I met someone for the first time and we exchanged a few brief kisses that were very dry and closed mouthed, although he did attempt to touch tongues with me. I then discovered that this person is a drug addict ( I don't know what the drug is). I have no desire to see this person but now I worry that I may contract SOMETHING from this kiss.

A few days afterwards I have been having stomach pain when I swallow food in my upper right quadrant. Perhaps it has no connection....but is it possible to contract other diseases or viruses through kissing? I know that it is possible to contract MONO, so that I am aware. Since my stomach has been bothering me I have been concerned that I could have gotten H Pylori...the bacteria that infects the stomach.

Should I get screened for anything particular...and if so how long should I wait to get tested for anything.

Any input would be much appreciated.