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Tested positive for HSV2
FaithfullyMe13 posted:

I just found got my results back from my physician regarding my STI test that I get every year as part of my physical and low and behold it came back POSITIVE for HSV2. Talk about pissed beyond recognition, fearful of my future and my sanity.

I have been married for the last 12 years faithfully to my second husband and my first husband for 9 year years. I'm floored. My very essence of my being is trashed and gutted. At least that's how I feel. What in heavens is this all about? I did talk to my husband right when I came from the doctor and he was shocked too. He was very supportive and said that we will get through this together. He is going to be tested tomorrow to see what his status is.

How can this happen? I am so confused, numb and lost. We have been through so much and it seems to keep getting worse.

I haven't had any OBs that would cause me to be concerned about this but do I look forward to them? Heck no.

I need help. How can I move on? What am I to do? I have talked to my children about safe sex and now this. I'm livid.

I haven't really shared much conversation with my husband nor can I look at him. Don't know what to make of it. Heads or tails.

I've been reading up on this disease and I'm overwhelmed.

Please forgive me for my rant but I just need an outlet. I've been praying and meditating on God's word but I don't feel any comfort. I'm not at peace. It feels like I'm having an outer body experience. Nightmare.

How can I handle and move on with my life?
abe648 responded:
First of all relax. Many people have HSv 2 and have no idea they have it till they get tested like yourself. Some people like yourself who have been faithful to each other suddenly get an ob 25-30 years and that is the first that they knew off it.

If you had been sexually active before you got married the first time you could have gotten it then and just now discovered you have it because you got tested. Many people approx 90% had no idea they had it. Many have no ob's. Sounds like you have not had an ob as of yet so not to worry.

If you could post the numeric values from the IgG blood test on here then someone can confirm if you were properly tested and if you are in fact positive for HSV 2. If you have an IgM blood test ignore it as it is not a valid test to confirm your Herpes status. If you do not have the IgG blood test values call your Doc to get a copy of them.

We will get you through this and will give you more info when I have more time.
God Bless you and your family and now you can tell your children that this is very common and get all STI testing done before becoming sexually active.
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ASPROSE responded:
thats the way i feel being newly diagnosed with this horrible virus. all my life i have protected my self. in 06 i had all the tests done before hysterectomy surgery and everything was negative and i have not been with anyone since. until nov12. well recently i had symptoms and went to the dr. well of corse i dont know who he has been with so we always wore protection. but this one time where it broke.(im guessing not enuf lub.) i get this. i was totaly floored. sick. i feel like my life is over. i had been with him for 6 mo. i feel like he lied to me. and i just totally stoped talking to him and everything. i feel so lost and alone. i told him about it as soon as the dr told me. even before i got the results. and told him that i had not got the results back yet but the dr was positive thats what it was . so he went and got tested. and when my results came back it confirmed. and when he got his his was positive also. but i tlked to the dr and they said he is the carrier and since he didnt know he had it, he just never had any reason to get checked. and could have had it for months. before we got together. although it didnt make me feel any better.
FaithfullyMe13 replied to abe648's response:

Thanks for your support and understanding. I looked at my paperwork and the numbers weren't on them so I will have to check with my doctor on my next visit.

I am now coming to terms with it all. I discussed this with my husband and we are going to get through this together.

Since my initial post, I have been indulging myself with as much information about it as possible. Trying to learn to cope and deal with it each and every day. While I have had no symptoms, if and when I do, I want to at least be ready as possible. That's the scary part. It's amazing how long people can have something living in their body and not know it until later in life.

I thank you for your kind words and encouragement. It helps.
FaithfullyMe13 replied to ASPROSE's response:

I'm sure now we are not alone with this sort of thing from reading all the literature and looking at discussion boards. Learning of your new status is only a temporary upset or interruption in your life.

Stay prayerful, don't dwell on the negative. It's not a terminal illness but you do have to now be resilient and smarter.

Don't let it consume you. Someone said something on one of the DB to this effect: HSV doesn't define you as a person. It is now part of you and you have to live with it but it does not make you.

Feel free to post as we can encourage each other. Know that you are not alone.
abe648 replied to FaithfullyMe13's response:
Your Welcome
So you know that your husband has been supportive and that goese along way to moving on with the herpes.

Has your husband gotten tested to see what his status is? It would be helpful to see if he is also positve. If he is then do not blame each other for this and just get on with life and move forward. He could have herpes as well and not know it. Even if he is negative then I would not change how you have sex as you have been having sex with him I think you said 9 years and if he still does not have it then just enjoy your love making time together as you always did.

There are many discordant couples which is where one has herpes and the other does not and does not get it or gets only after many years. Click on the Tiger to read info if you have not done this yet.

Since you have told your children this gives you a chance to explain to them how important it is to get tested for all STI's before becoming sexually active.

If you have any other questions please ask. There is nothing to personal to ask as if you do not ask you will not know. I am here to help you and your husband with any questions either of you may have.

God Bless you.
Abe ... Read more in the Herpes Handbook. Watch the Herpes Video and Terri Warren's book The Good News about the Bad News. All located under the heading Herpes at

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