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Should I get tested for HIV again?!
Anxiety2012 posted:
Well I said I will stir away from google but I didn't and now I did some digging and now I think I have HIV. Yes I got tested but they said that you can have the disease even if you got tested and its negative. because they said there is a "winfow period" now I'm freaking out and I've been doing research on the Internet for about 2 hours now. I scared myself half to death. And every commercial or anything on tv that mention something about HIV I freak out. Like I was watching a show and they said "I was doing rent rehearsals." Then I thought RENT, that is a movie about people with HIV so I automatically thought " crap! That's a hint that I have HIV!" I freaked out. Then I dig out all the guys I slept with and marked down the guys I used a condom with and all the guys that I didn't. Thank god I didn't sleep with a lot but now on Monday I'm setting an appointment to get tested again. I just freaked myself out bad. I got tested on march 6th and it was negative but I had unprotective sex with 3 guys (I know so stupid!) 1 guy said he got tested for everything and all of it came back negative but the other 2 I didn't ask. When I got tested I slept with those guys 3 weeks before I got tested and it came back negative. Now I'm reading and they said you can get a false negative so I'm greasing out. I now suffer from health anxiety and OCD. I was wondering if I should get tested again even if the test came back negative?
georgiagail responded:
HIV screening does not test for the presence of the actual virus but rather for antibodies the immune system begins to produce after transmission has taken place.

The recommended time period for testing is 90 days after a potential encounter; this ensures that, if infected there will be enough antibodies present to be picked up by currently testing methods (although, in truth, up to 95 percent of newly infected folks will have enough antibodies present by about 1 month post transmission to test positive).

Those who end up with "false negative" test results are folks who test far too early; i.e., before the immune system has had a chance to kick out those antibodies. These would be those who test days after a potential exposure.

Look back in terms of your previous test and your "window" between testing and last potential exposure to determine this time period.

An_252156 responded:
Hi Anxiety,

Are you currently showing any symptoms of HIV? What is leading you to believe that you have contracted it?

If you are showing no symptoms and just worried thinking back on sexual encounters and have also been tested a minimum of 45-90 days from the last exposure than my opinion is you are probably ok. Definitely get tested again on the 90 day mark just to be certain anyone person could always fall under the "slim percentage" category. And stop reading so many different blogs and health forums! Remember, whats done is done you can't change the encounters you've had, you can only take steps from here to ensure your results are trustworthy and accurate and use this as a lesson moving towards the future. Anxiety will only make things worse.

Hope this eases your mind a little bit.
Anxiety2012 replied to georgiagail's response:
I got tested 30 days after "suspected" exposure. But I'm getting tested today which is 4 months after "suspected" exposure.
Anxiety2012 replied to An_252156's response:
Well I think I may have it because I had sex with a stranger scratch that strangers without a condom. I took the test 3 weeks after "expected" exposure. But I'm going today to get a test. This test would be 4 months after "suspected" exposure. So will this be accurate?
georgiagail replied to Anxiety2012's response:
Yes; it would certainly be accurate in terms of your status.

Get tested and then post your results, OK?

Anxiety2012 replied to georgiagail's response:
Ok I went to the free clinic to get tested and it came out negative. She told me this one is accurate so I'm negative.
georgiagail replied to Anxiety2012's response:
Congratulations! Not let this worry about a disease you do not have go, OK?


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