Herpes help!
smithsam5 posted:
My sister got diagnoised with Herpes about a year ago I completely forgot about it and went to use her vibrator ( i know you're not supposed to do that, and i should get my own) I rinsed it off with water before I used it but then i realized i could get herpes from doing that. can i? i know she hasnt used it for over a month but thats all i know. im really worried. does the virus live outside the body on things like that? do i need to get checked out?
abe648 responded:
It is alawys good to have your own and not to use other peoples items. The chance of you getting herpes would be low as the virus does not live long on inate objects. Most likely you did not get it from this one time use bue I would not use it again and get your own.
Abe ...I am not a medical professional. Read the Herpes Handbook, Watch the Video and Terri Warren's book is availible umder the Heading Herpes at http://www.westoverheights.com/