Negative HPV test with doctor, oral sex safe?
JakeAnderson23304 posted:
I am a married man and was talking with my wife about oral sex which I think would be pretty hot. She is worried though about HPV. I know that she has gotten negative HPV tests with her gynecologist in the past, so does that mean that we wouldn't have to worry about getting cancer from HPV? Could there be false negatives or something? My wife is pretty bashful about these things and doesn't want to talk with her gynecologist about it. Thanks for any info!
JakeAnderson23304 responded:
I would like to clarify that she has never gotten a positive HPV result either. She does get regular pap tests too.
georgiagail replied to JakeAnderson23304's response:
If your wife has tested negative for HPV, she does not have this virus to pass on during oral sex.