chlamydia ?????
An_252994 posted:
Hello!!! I am 24 yrs old About a week ago I had my IUD inserted at planned parenthood they tested me for chlamydia and it came back positive naturally I flipped out on live in boyfriend been togther for 3 years and have a 10 month old daughter. My whole pregnancy i was fine didnt test positive on any STD. Have never had any type of STDs ive had problems with cysts in the past and yeast infection when I was younger is there anyway this could be a false negative since he made vaild points as to not sleeping with anybody ... should I ask for a retest or just ask for the antibiotics ??? Looking foward to any imput it would be greatly appreciated!
georgiagail responded:
You could certainly ask to be tested again if you believe this might be a false positive test result.