Question referring to HIV
kandiraynee posted:
Can a high/un-compromised immune system help someone combat HIV? Like if someone (with a high immune system) has sex with someone who has HIV is it possible for the person's immune system to fight and kill the virus and prevent infection.
georgiagail responded:
HIV is, itself, one of the most difficult STD's to transmit to another person. Unlike some other diseases that require only contact with mucous membranes or skin for transmission, this virus must, somehow, be able to actually enter the body (typically through an open cut, wound, sore, etc.) for transmission to take place.

It is this source of entrance into the body that is the method of transmission, NOT whether one has a "high" immune system or not that prevents (or encourages) the infection (although there is a very, very small group of humans that have been known to be small responders when exposed to this virus).

kandiraynee replied to georgiagail's response:
I've heard of those people, with CCR5 receptors.