I have something
ihavequestion posted:
Everything started like last week.

A pimple popped up on my the corner of my lip. I popped it, and it scabbed up.

Never had one on my lip before then got scared and started looking all over the internet.

Then I got itching and tingling on another side of my face and another one popped up.

Bumps under my chin that sometimes burn/itch. For like one day my entire face felt like it was getting scratched at.

I have a rash both of my inner thighs. One is dark and has a little white things on it like its cracked, and the other ones are smaller and red. My hands tingle sometimes, and the other day I couldn't move my index finger for like half of the day because it was real sore, and then it got better later. But I still feel tingling in my hand sometimes.

And sometimes my armpits hurt.

Soonest chance I have to go tot he clinic is next Friday. Really worried, last time I had sex was like five months ago.
ihavequestion responded:
But my genital area is fine...for now. Don't want to knock jinx myself.