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    HIV Symptoms or Something Else? What Plan of Action to Take!?
    OmegaBlack posted:
    Hello, I am a 27 year old male who has recently had some symptoms that have caused me great distress. I really could use some third party opinions at this point, and from any experienced people because I'm on the verge of mental breakdown.

    Basically, I came down feeling "sick" this past Friday, 16th of August. I had a bad headache and severe fatigue. Though, I increased the number of days I was going to the gym and have not been getting enough sleep so I thought that was it. I also noticed I had this cold sore under my tongue which was very annoying.

    But I was sweating really bad, so I could tell I was getting a fever.

    On Saturday, I woke up and realized I had once again the headache. I had bad night sweats when I was trying to sleep, sweating from my legs, body, and head.

    I had the windows closed and a few blankets so I might have exaggerated the sweating due to the fever because of this.

    Sunday I had the same symptoms and went to work, and immediately came home and laid in my bed because I felt so fatigued. I can't eat really good because I don't have any appetite.

    It's now Tuesday, and I have been taking Cold & Sinus medication with acetaminophen 325mg.

    On Monday (yesterday), I checked my temperature and I was 101.6F... And today, I noticed I have ANOTHER cold sore/canker sore/mouth ulcer near my tonsils or the back of my oropharynx. I thought I was getting a sore throat, but it turns out the pain is because of this blister.

    I'm VERY very scared, and even cried a bit, because I'm somewhat of a hypochondriac and am fearing the worst.

    I had wore a condom with some transgendered girls I met a few months ago and it ripped or I removed it mid way, thus having unprotected sex.

    I'm disgusted I did this, considering I'm smarter than this and how much of a health freak I am!

    I do not have the DIARRHEA, NAUSEA OR VOMITTING, ACHING MUSCLES or SORE THROAT symptoms I see for HIV on the WebMD page.

    Could it be something else? I'm hoping if I have SOMETHING, it is something else... but naturally, I looked at the worst possible scenario and assumed I have it....

    I consider myself a heterosexual male but have had sexual encounters with transgendered women before. I am a "top" and or "giver" so I believe that puts me at lower risk though I am uncircumcised.

    If I could get any input I would greatly appreciate. I know I made huge mistakes and feel disgusted, and if I really had something like HIV I would be short of suicidal, so I would hope no one feels the need to ridicule me for my errors.

    I don't know if I should get a STD test ASAP or wait or what!? I am scared to death to find the results! I would actually be happy at this point to have herpes or anything instead of HIV!!

    Please help!
    georgiagail responded:
    We do not attempt to diagnose HIV by symptoms because, frankly, it is impossible to do so.

    If you believe you may have been exposed from your unprotected intercourse, you get tested. Simple as that. Most health departments, Planned Parenthood Organizations as well as physicians offices offer HIV screening tests. In addition, there is now an FDA approved home testing kit (i.e., the OraQuick test) if one wishes to test via this method.

    You indicate these unprotected sexual encounters took place "a few months ago". The recommended time period for testing for HIV is 90 days (3 months). Has enough time passed since your last unprotected encounter to now consider testing?

    An_251720 replied to georgiagail's response:
    Yeah it has.

    I know it's very difficult/impossible to diagnose.

    I have searched online and I see so MANY diseases that have overlapping symptoms (for example, a fever is very common with everything...) so it pretty much just stressed me out even more and added to the intense anxiety.

    I understand your advice regarding testing, but what about the mental affects? I have so many problems here, one for the fact that I am a "straight" male and that I actually did meet up transgendered women, which people would define that as bisexual or gay.

    I don't even know how to come to terms with that, or explain it to people, if I end up having some STD.

    I understand the "we can't help you online you must simply get tested" response, but I'm actually a very intelligent male and live in an upper middle class area. I know it's stupid to think these things would never happen (I always thought it would never happen to me), but because of this mentality, I don't know if I could handle it. I would be contemplating suicide.

    I couldn't live with some life threatening STD, I don't even know how to do it and I have so many other problems going on right now...
    georgiagail replied to An_251720's response:
    Mental effects of what?



    How's it working out not knowing and going on the internet and self-diagnosing every little symptom?

    Not so good from your first posting. You're checking the internet, fearing the worst and even crying a bit over a disease you don't even know that you have.

    Perhaps this will comfort you a bit....

    HIV is actually a pretty difficult STD to transmit to another person.

    The ESTIMATED per-act risk for acquisition of HIV from unprotected insertive (that's you) penile-vaginal intercourse is 5 per 10,000 exposures with a source KNOWN to carry the virus.

    Your risk would be less since you cannot confirm your partners status (and you cannot assume they are HIV positive simply because they are transgendered). can sit there and argue with yourself that this "can't" happen to you because you are a well educated, intelligent, upper class male while, on the other hand, you're checking your body every five minutes for "symptoms" and contemplating suicide while your slowly drive yourself crazy...or you can get your butt in gear, go down to the nearest CVS pharmacy and pick up an OraQuick test and learn your status within 20 minutes.

    Your choice. I'm guessing you're smart enough make the right choice and do the testing.

    Let us know the results, OK?

    An_251720 replied to georgiagail's response:
    Thanks for replying.

    I don't have anyone to talk about this, so it gets a bit depressing at times.

    Not knowing, is NOT good, you are right.

    I actually drove down to get tested at a local STD testing facility today, but I still am getting over this fever and felt really crappy, so I drove back home and figured I would do it tomorrow (their hours will be longer).

    I've just been going crazy for the past week because I went from working out 5 days a week and eating 5 meals a day, and getting this random "fever" when the weather is 80/90 degrees outside.

    Plus, college classes just started and I missed some of the first classes so I was stressed about that and I have not been eating.

    I also take alot of supplements and coffee, so I have a headache now, and I can't tell if it's because of the fever or the fact that I went from taking this energy/coffee supplements then stopping cold turkey due to this fever.

    I appreciate you taking the time to help me out and write that response out. I don't really have anyone to help me and thus why I'm on these forums and my last resort.

    I also met this transsexual girl online and would be impossible to explain that to anyone I know, since they would immediately think I'm some freak or sexual deviant of society. I still deal with a lot of guilt as to how I even got into meeting "girls" like this online.

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