HIV+ and undetectable
An_253426 posted:
I've been positive and undetectable for years. Is it true that if I have unprotected sex the chances of spreading the virus to my partner is very low?
georgiagail responded:
Yes. Low but not impossible.

kattoy120v replied to georgiagail's response:
A low viral load means you are less infectious. Studies show it lowers the risk of passing HIV to your sexual partner, and that's great news. It is important to note, however, that the viral load test only measures the amount of HIV virus that is currently in your blood. An undetectable viral load does not mean HIV isn't present in your body and in other bodily fluids. HIV is usually transmitted to a sexual partner through seminal fluid or vaginal or anal secretions.

Also, although blood and seminal fluid viral load levels are often similar, a person with an undetectable blood viral load can have a higher level of virus in genital fluids.