HPV experiece
NotLookingNow posted:
I was diagnosed with high risk HPV when I was 18 trying to get contraceptives. I went insane of course and I really did not want to go on. The lady that told me my results was not helpful; she looked at me with a sad face feeling sorry for me. Luckily I had insurance through my fathers military retirement plan. I went to a gynecologist who to this day now that I am 24 still see for all my needs. She did not see it as anything our of the ordinary. I was treated for my HPV... got something called a Freezing and God knows what else. It was painful but since then I've only had very tiny outbreaks such as a single wart especially when I get a vaginal infection and I take the one dose pill its a for sure wart so I try to stick to the 7 day creams.

I have never told my family becuase I am ashamed of it but I am sure maybe even they are diagnosed with it. I have only told one partner and that was my only long term relationship which I ended. On the rest of my encounters I've used a condom but there have been times where its a heat of the moment and it happens. I am still under contraceptive because I am no where near ready to have a child but I am still ashamed of it. I don't want a relationship either because I feel like I will never be able to be happy with one person.

Anyway my point is; What is that procedure for that they gave me? The freezing
And anyone living with this; how do you cope with it and how do you gain the courage to speak of it?
georgiagail responded:
Sounds like you underwent Cryotherapy. This is just one of the therapies available for this very common virus: