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    Herpes & Warts ( Please help )
    Expeditors posted:
    Hi ,

    I didn't had any unprotected sex for last 15 months , during the course of time i have tested for HIV in below dates.

    Feb 2012
    May 2012
    Aug 2013

    CIMA , ELISA dual combo method were used for all of above test and all were non-reactive.

    FEB 2012 , i acquired Genital and few body warts and in July 2012 i had my first herpes outbreak and in Sept.2013 i had my first cold sore appear on my lips.

    For genital warts i treated them with wartec cream and removed them , for herpes , but they reappeared and i am considering lesser treatment for them , I used Zovirex and vipes tablets as well as the cream , my herpes never stayed for more then 2 days.

    It became soo stressful for me when i had my first cold sore on my lips , since its visible to everyone unlikely the genital herpes and i don't know how got it since i was never with any new partner , the only thing new in last 2 weeks was that i did some hard exercise at the GYM.

    For genital herpes a total of 6 outbreak happen in 1 year and none of them stayed for more then 2 to 3 days maximum and since July 2013 to Sept 2013 , no out break at all but now i had my first outbreak on my lips.

    Above was the history now coming down to questions.

    1 - How herpes are transferred , is it contact with the herpes outbreak or transfer of effected person semen having unprotected sex even if the person doesn't have herpes outbreak.

    2 - Do you recommend to take Zovirex or related medicine constantly to avoid outbreaks ?

    3 - I am about to get married and my gf is 30 years old , as per online information warts vaccine can only be given till 25 and below , will the vaccine work for her ?

    4 - Is there any vaccine for Herpes ?

    5 - I haven't consulted any doctor for herpes or warts , i collected all the information i could online and bought medicine over the counter , do you recommend me to consult a doctor ? if yes , what should be the reason and what should be my interaction with the doctor ?

    Few Condition that i face.

    -Some time i feel limp nodes on/ above my chest not painful and goes away.
    -I feel small balls under my arm pit which is bit painful and goes away.
    -I feel small balls in my genital area which is not painful and goes away.
    - After my first lip herpes , i can see red spots on my upper mouth area right opposite side of the tongue

    Would appreciate your help a lot.
    georgiagail responded:
    1. Folks can shed the virus even without an outbreak

    2. Some do use suppressive medication to prevent outbreaks.

    3. The age limit for the Gardasil vaccine is an attempt to vaccinate folks before they are sexually active and thus before they may be exposed to the virus. Thus, whether this vaccine will "work" for your girlfriend is more dependent on her sexual history rather than her age.

    4. No

    5. Yes

    One can typically feel lymph nodes rather easily in the neck, armpit and groin since these nodes tend to be close to the surface of the skin.


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