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I may have genital herpes and I've been trying to get pregnant
heart12012 posted:
My boyfriend and I have been trying to get pregnant for about a few days and yesterday when I was getting my physical exam done my doctor noticed that Imay have the outbreak going on right now me and my boyfriend just recently started having unprotected sex and I have just broken up with my last boyfriend a month ago and he may have given it to me Igot some bloodwork done yesterday and the results have not come back yet I am scared to tell my boyfriend that my ex may have given me the virus and I am not sure how to tell him...he and I are inlove with each.amd plan on starting our family soon
abe648 responded:
I know this is a difficult time for you and if you want to have a good relationship then it needs to start on a good note. If you are going to be together then you need to share the good with the not so good times with him.

YOu need to tell him what the Doctor saw as he as a right to know. I would hope that if the tables were reversed that you would want to know as it is just the right thing to do to anyone you love.

If this breaks up your relationship then you do not want to be getting pregnant. This is a good test to know how he really cares about you.

You need to know that many many many couples are in a loving relationship where one has genital herpes and the other does not. And this can go on for years and perhaps for a life time. Those are called a discordant couples.

I have HSV 2 genitally and my wife does not have it and we have been marraid for over 30 years.

This is just a little bump in the road of life if you do have herpes. To learn how to tell a partner just go to the top of this page and put in "Telling Partner" and you will get a lot of posts which have many different ways of telling a partner.

Do ask for a copy of the numeric test resuls from the test and post them on here so someone can help you confirm you status. If you are infact positive for genital herpes then it would be good for your bf to get tested so he knows his statu as well. So the two you know what steps if any you need to protect each other.

If you have any other questions do not hesitate to ask. There is no question to personal to ask as if you do not ask you will not know.

You are not alone as God is with you.

To learn the rate of transmission click on the Tiger and there is the rates of transmission in there as well as other info including what you can do to help you through the firs out break.. Also read the info in my signature line below to learn more about gemital herpes.

God Bless you as the two off you move forward in your relationship.

Abe ...I am not a medical professional. Read the Herpes Handbook, Watch the Video and Terri Warren's book is availible umder the Heading Herpes at
heart12012 replied to abe648's response:
thank you for your response me and my boyfriend have been bestfriends for years he has seen go thru so much and I realy appreciate your response I am so scared to tell him
abe648 replied to heart12012's response:
Do not be scared. There is many ways to tell him. If he has been with you through thick and thin then he will be there for you now.

Make sure when you tell him that you have lots of time to spend and some where the two of you will not be interrupted that way you can talk this all out.

There are two ways to tell him. But above all do not make this a big deal. If you do not make this a big deal he will not think it is a big deal. Try not to cry. Be prepared. Get all your thoughts together and if need be put down some major points of what you want to tell him. Have the info on the Video and Herpes handbook ready for him to read if he has any questions. the important thing to remember is to RELAX and take a DEEP BREATH and exhale and RELAX. Then tell him.

What some other people have recommended is that if you feel that you cannot tell him then sit down and write out what you want to tell him and word it just the way you want it and then give it to him to read.

Then let him ask questions. If there are any questions that you cannot answer then tell him you will get the answer and come back here and ask the questions so we can help you.

God Bless you and give you a peace about telling him.

Let us know how things go.
Abe ...I am not a medical professional. Read the Herpes Handbook, Watch the Video and Terri Warren's book is availible umder the Heading Herpes at

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