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    VLG1938 posted:
    I am trying to understand since Trichomoniasis can be dormant in a male would it be possible to have had sexual intercourse and not passed it on.

    Recently my partner was diagnosed with Trichomoniasis. I did a urine test and did not have any symptoms but was told it was hard to detect in men and I could still be a carrier. We have both taken the prescribed medicine but now (understandably) are having relationship issues. Both of us say we have not been with anyone else in over 12 years. It appears the only way to have contracted this is via sex. In our most recent encounters we have used condoms. We have 2 children. All seems to point to me having carried this for over 12 years undetected (dormant?). Is it possible? How could it not have then been passed in our other sexual acts (both protected and otherwise?)

    Not sure if you can help on this, but trying to understand this.
    n131 responded:
    If you have it, then yes u pass it to your partner.

    I've had a partner that I know cheated on me, and later I was diagosed with it. Never had it in my entire life, never heard of it until I went to the dr. and they told me it was a STD. I freaked out!

    Also, the organism favors warm, moisture areas, such as genital tissues, but it can also survive in damp towels and washcloths, around toliet seats, and on beaches and the perimeters of swimming pools. So, it can spread to whoever.

    If you have been to the dr. in those 12 years, they should have caught it before now. Hope this helps out .
    timali responded:
    O M G I'm going through this now! Only when my boyfriend of 15 months went to the doctor, and because they "supposivly" didnt find anything, I must have cheated! We live in dirfferent states. I told him that he has to have a culture done to find it, and if they didnt do one then he needed to go back. He is NOT talking to me. It's good to see this posting, because we stayed at a hotel, when I was there three weeks ago. The following week I developed symptoms, but my period started so I had to wait till it was over to be tested. I asked the doctors nurse about any other way of getting besides sex and she said NO, except from unclean sex toys! EWWWWWWWW!!!! NO need for those! So, I'm like do I appologize to him, because it could be possible, from the tolilet or what to do! I'm so DANGED hurt that he has reacted this way. Can U REALLY get it from a toilet seat?????
    Rosie_WebMD_Staff responded:
    "Trich is spread when a person has unprotected sex with an infected partner. Some people carry the parasite that causes trich, but they do not have symptoms. So it is important to practice safe sex to prevent getting trich. Using a condom each time you have sex may reduce your chance of getting an STD.

    In rare cases, it may be possible to get trich from contact with personal items, such as a wet towel, that a person with trich has just used. The trich parasite cannot live on objects for long, so it is not usually spread this way."

    Want the facts about trichomoniasis? Check out this article: Be sure to click on the FAQ links on page 2.

    ~Rosie Health matters! Voice your choice on the WebMD Election'08 message board!
    VLG1938 responded:
    If someone has Trichomoniasis in dormant state (i.e. male) would he pass it on to partner every time they had unprotected sex?
    lostinspace69 responded:

    I was recently diagnosed with taking the antibiotic Metroconazole 500 mg 2X day for 7 days.......would like to know if you had vagnal burning or cramping and discomfort during the time you took the medication....i still have discharge like if i had a yeast infection not sure what to think right now.... ...any information you can share would be helpful
    lostinspace69 responded:
    My doctor said yes........she also said its possible to get it even without penetration of the vagina during intercourse......I guess foreplay is out the window......let me just say that this was very painful for me and im very turned of by sex right now.. not to mention how disgusting the medication was to take and the wear and tear on my body by the antibiotics I would dread getting this ever again........anyone else feel the same?
    lostinspace69 responded:
    I 'm not a doctor but since i was diagnosed with it last week ive read everything i can find on this.......

    I really think not.....I think if you have it dormant or not you pass it on.......

    If i were a man and my girlfriend or wife told me that she had this and there was a chance I might have it......well i would ask the doctor to give me the meds just in case.......since its so difficult to diagnose it in men...... you say you used condoms but have you thought about foreplay and preejaculation...I think any sperm or love juices getting anywhere near the Vajajay or penis is a problem. At this point why put blame on anyone.....there will always be a partner that will deny having been unfaithful.......and from what ive read its very unlikely to get it from towels and bathtubs and pools.....thats just from what ive read......If that were the case why would they call it an STD.
    freakoutwife responded:
    I going through the same circumstance,I got divorced about 10 years ago becuse my ex cheated on me, and one tear later I remarried, and got 2 babies, and 2 years ago I had an IUD placed and strated to have all kind of disconfort,but nothing else,then i decided to have the IUD removed 3 days ago,then right there I got diagnosed with TRichomoniasis ,and of course freaked me out! snapped at my husband and the whole thing! acused him ,he has never had any symptoms,and he was shocked this would be happening since he assures me to never been with anyone else,the question is,is it possible to have it for about 10 years without noticing?without symptoms??
    chddb1 replied to freakoutwife's response:
    Probably not. Its an infection that would have lived in his body for 10 years! I'm not saying its not possible just extremely low possibility.
    ashraes replied to freakoutwife's response:
    To freakout wife: this is so crazy because the exact thing is happening to me right now. Ive been happily married for almost 7 years. We have two children and after they were born I had an IUD put in. I also had horrible discomfort from the IUD, but I dealt with it for 5 years. After 5 years it has to be removed, so I went to have it removed and like you they diagnose me with trichomoniasis. My husband and I are faithful, and neither one of us is accusing one another of cheating. So the question is did one of us have trichomoniasis before getting married? Or did this IUD have something to do with it, which never crossed my mind until I read your story. I never had symptoms neither did my husband, so I think that is very strange. So I hope someone has insight on this, it is so confusing. We are treating it now.
    souci replied to ashraes's response:
    I was diagnosed with this as well. All the articles on the web that I have found have confirmed that it is very rare a man will have symptoms and only 50% of women will have symptoms. I was very symptomatic with the exception of pain during urination. I did a course of Metronidazole treatment but I still have symptoms now, consisting of intense itchiness, vaginally and rectally, and a greenish gray spotted discharge. I have had two more swabs taken and the results came back negative, but I was upset to find out how laboratory microscopy will quite often cause inaccurate results. Anyhow, further research revealed high dosages of Tinidazole helps in the majority of cases where Metronidazole failed. I have had symptoms of itchiness for many years, but the results either came back as yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis or nothing at all. My relationship with my boyfriend ended when I told him about this. He tried to respond supportively but I saw his feelings about me changed. We tried to have a baby together, so it is plausible he may have given it to me, but I may have contracted from an ex-boyfriend, but it was misdiagnosed. It's amazing how different the symptoms could be.
    ohnonotagain replied to souci's response:
    WOW... I am not believing how many of us are going through the same thing. I guess we should find some sort of comfort in that, but I'm not. I got trich from my now husband when we were dating and believed him when he swore he hadn't cheated. Now we've been married several years and I have it again. I have, since we have been together, developed problems with yeast and BV around my period but attributed it to age and hormonal changes. So when I went to be checked for BV last week and found out it was trich again... I find it hard to believe that twice "we" have gotten this from a toilet seat. Everything that says it is possible says also that it is rare... So, one couple having it happen twice?! I don't know what to do other than wait for the rest of the results later this week... Pray for us.
    MrsCucu replied to ohnonotagain's response:
    This is very confusing! And the amount of ppl that have read about with the same cases as mine are large. I was diagnosed 3 weeks ago. Had a break down n was ready for a divorce. I have been w my husband 15 yrs and I know I have not been w anyone else but him. He says the same. How can an STD be dormant n for so long? I was diagnosed when I went in to have my IUD removed, it was 2 yrs over due, so I had it in for 7 yrs. I was having abdominal pains for the past yr and a half n my dr had told me that it was probably that the IUD needed to be removed. Two days later he called me to let me know that I needed to pick up the antibiotics n take them right away. When he told me what the diagnosis was I was devastated n blamed my husband (of course) my husband then went in to see his dr n he told him that getting tested was a waste that he should take the medication n he did. I go in to see my dr for a pap n for a full check on STDs next week. We have not had sex since the diagnosed me, I want to make sure it's all clear before taking the next step. This so confusing n I hope that there is research being done on trich, I would like some answers. I have 3 kids, 2 boys n a girl. I keep reading that trich can be acquired by using somes towel that is infected or using a toilet seat that is dirty from someone that's infected...I'm wondering if my kids should be tested? Very confused n disoriented since there really isn't much information to go by.

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