HSV2 orally
An_253935 posted:
I have HSV2 genitally. Let's say I were to transmit HSV2 to someone orally by them giving me oral sex. Are the symptoms of oral HSV2 infections the same as HSV1 (eg cold sores)? And also could HSV2 be transferred back to me as an oral infection?
abe648 responded:
HSV 2 does not like the oral area and approx 3% will get HSV 2 orally. The intial ob will can be like the intial ob of HSV 2 genitally. But HSV 2 does not like the oral area so that is why the transmission rate is low. Also HSV 2 orally does not have a lot of ob's. I presume that it would look like a cold sore but I do not know for sure. You most likely would not get HSV 2 orally as you allready have the HSV 2 antibodies in your system.
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