Hsv 1 & 2
Nicks765 posted:
My partner recently got tested for HSV
The results show positive. But I want to know how serious is it. Cause I love her a lot n want to console her.
I know its not curable. And I also need to get checked up. But I am worried about her.
This is the result.

HSV 1 & 2 antibody 1gM = 0.63. HSV 1 & 2 1gG = 2.33 and HSV 2 = 1.07

Please help me in this
georgiagail responded:
A good reference that explains results:


The HSV2 is in the "questionable" range and your partner may wish to repeat this.

The 2.33 (and I'm going to assume you mean for HSV1) indicated she carries this virus. But so does the majority of adults, having picked this virus up in childhood. Most have few or no outbreaks and, except for testing, are unaware they are infected.