An_254461 posted:
Hi, [br>A couple days ago I got some ulcers on the inside of my mouth (inside of bottom lip). There are about 6 of them, they are little but they hurt. I have gotten ulcers many times before, when I drink too much orange juice or eat too much candy. They feel like normal ulcers, but I feel like my lymph nodes are a little bit swollen and I have a headache. [br>[br>I had oral sex a few weeks ago with someone I didn't really know. I also recently started a new medicine (antidepressant Celexa) and that could be causing the ulcers... [br>[br>I just want to know if it's possible I have an STD from the oral sex or if it's just ulcers (canker sores)..[br>[br>I'm so worried [br>Thanks
georgiagail responded:
In order to tell you that these represent an STD from the oral sex we'd have to know the status of your partner and since you engaged in unprotected oral sex with someone you "didn't really know" there's no way this internet board could even guess their status.

Testing of these ulcers is about the only way to get an accurate answer.