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Painful Urination, redness around urethra, no discharge, UTI negative,
dsk1973 posted:
I am a heterosexual male in my early 40s.

I go for annual sti/std tests. My tests in August all came back negative. I had no symptoms at the time.

I saw a high end escort about 2 weeks ago. Unprotected oral, protected vaginal, kissing.

5 days ago, burning sensation when I urinate. Takes five seconds instead of 1 second to commence to urinate. Redness around urethra opening and hole appears larger than normal. No discharge.

4 days ago I go see the doctor. UTI test - negative. Herpies swap around redness area (negative), Urine test (72 hours to get results), negative for chlamydia and gon. Was given Zithromax - 4 tablets of 250mg to take with food (at once) 4 days ago as doctor said likely Chlamydia.

Still have symptoms. Doctor says not an STI or STD. Very unlikely a false negative. He says I am not the first he has seen with this recently.

Any idea what this could be? What is the possibility of a false negative?

If one of the doctors could comments about possibility of other STDs.
georgiagail responded:
Your herpes test was done too early and thus the test results are not reliable. Wait 3 months after an event to test (unless you see an actual lesion which can be tested).

There are no physicians here.

timinboston responded:
I'm going through something very similar.

Unprotected sex with a girl I know very little about. Exactly 14 days later, redness around urethra, somewhat painful urination and the opening does appear larger.

Negative tests for everything. Going back for another herpes test in a few more weeks (it's only been 31 days). I have seen a urologist, who indicated that it looked normal to him. The pain went away about a week later, but something definitely feels different still.

I'm beginning to believe it's HSV2 related.

What have you found out? Do you still have pain?
dsk1973 replied to timinboston's response:
I found out from an STD expert on another board that this was likely nongonococcal urethritis (NGU) due to adenovirus or to herpes simplex virus (HSV),

I saw 2 different doctors and a urologist. They said not likely herpes but not sure what was causing the symptoms.

My symptoms started to disappear by around day 8 to 10. I am almost 95% better but if adenovirus could take 21 days to completely heal.

No test available in my city for adenorvirus - so 100% sure that was the cause. However, based on my review of medical journals, it appears that my symptoms were similar to other cases caused by adenovirus. Hope that helps.

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