Penis rubbed against vagina
An_254403 posted:
What is my risk for transmission if bf has hsv2. He's on antivirals and hasn't had an outbreak in 3 years. He rubbed his penis without a condom on my vagina. There was no penetration at all.
abe648 responded:
If this was just a slight touching then I would not think it is that then Iwould not be a big risk but if you were humping each other then there is a bit more concern but I think your risk woud be low.. It takes heat an friction to transmit GH to someone else. If you are concerned wait for 60 Days and get a type specific Igg blood test for HSV 1 & 2 to know what your status is . Hereis the rate of Transmission

Male to Female Transmission Rates

The chances of Male to female transmission is as follows
If you avoid sex when he has an ob the chances are 8-10% that you could get it over a year. If he adds suppressive therapy then it drops to 4-5% and if you use a condom then the risk drops to 2-3%. This is from the Valtrex Clinical trials.
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