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clean bill of health?
An_254651 posted:
can two clean people contract and STD just by doing anything
Anon_2000 responded:
We need more info as to what problems your are having. You must be having problems or else you would not be asking. Have either of you been with any other partners? Do either of you have HSV1 orally which is commonly is known as cold sores? Have you given each other oral sex?

If it is the female with the issues then tell us more of what is bothering you and give a good description of what it Is Example I have a rash on my vagina. If the male then tell us what part of your penis is bothering you. The statement you gave is to generic to give you an answer without more info.
justonedering replied to Anon_2000's response:
neither of us have been with anyone else, we are married and i have been faithful. i believe my wife when she says she has been faithful.she was a virgin when we met and i was tested prior to us dating as my prior girlfriend was a cheater.
yes we both do oral for each other
yes cold sores are apearing and i have never had them in my life
my wife says she has a funny discharge and she is bleeding sometimes when not on her period
i have a really bad mucus in me that taste and smells (others around me can smeel it when i blow my nose) my wife was looking online and found that if the anus is torn it can release bacteria and we were wondering if that coukld cause an STD
i have been tested for EVERYTHING other than STD's at my doctors and they do not know the cause of the mucus smell
my wife is now starting to get the same mucus
also i only get the cold sores after performing on my wife
Anon_2000 replied to justonedering's response:
The reason why I asked if you had cold sores and if you performed oral sex is that one can transmit HSV 1 to the genital area through oral sex. But this really does not sound like a herpes issue.

Since the two of you have been faithful in your marriage then I do not think this is an STD issue but only your Doc can tell you what is going on.
sugarmagnolia2013 replied to Anon_2000's response:
I was led to believe that any type of cold sores, were affiliated with herpes. I also read that you can have herpes for many years & not ever show any signs of it, which brought me to think that maybe when the husband was tested so many years ago, that possibly the test didn't show positive (posibly he did contract something frm cheatin girlfriend but it was dormant & the anal play had something to do with it). Also the bacteria frm anal play cud have gotten mixed around with her vagina which would cause bacteria vaginosis which could have then been passed orally.
Personally I would have the doctor go ahead & check for posible std's if they can't find anything else, it's better to be safe than sorry.

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