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clean bill of health?
An_254651 posted:
can two clean people contract and STD just by doing anything
georgiagail responded:
Let's look at this logically...

What do you mean by two "clean" people?

Do you mean two partners who have been tested for every STD and found to be negative for such?

If so, there is simply no way either (or both) could come up with an STD simply by engaging in anal intercourse.

Keep in mind, though that if one is going to undergo actual testing, the samples taken should involve swabbing the rectal area since it appears that's the "body part" that you are interested in focusing on during intercourse.

justonedering replied to georgiagail's response:
mean my wife has had no partners other than me as she was a virgin and i was tested prior to dating her due to the fact that my previous girlfriend was a cheater.

my wife and i attempted anal and was unsuccesful as i would not be able to fit in there with out her having to endure lots of pain.

recently during regular vaginal intercourse we have played with my finger in there to highten the feelings.

my wife is now worried that there may have been some tearing of her anus and that the bacteria may have infected her or myself as recently we have been getting sores on our mouthes an a few other unexplained weird symtoms

i have been 100% faithful to my wife and believe her when she has told me the same

so again. could we have caused this to happen to ourselves?

just wondering
georgiagail replied to justonedering's response:
If bacteria entered her rectal cavity during this tearing (and this would not be unusual since this area contains a large amount of bacteria naturally) the end result would not be mouth sores. She would be experiencing issues in her rectal area.

There is a possibility that both you and your wife carry HSV1 (i.e., herpes 1) the virus that causes oral cold sores. Most adults do, having picked this up in childhood. This is not caused by a bacteria but rather a virus and again, it would not be passed by what happened at the tail end.

While folks tend to classify ALL herpes as an STD/STI, HSV1 residing mainly in the oral cavity is really not one of these (although, of course, it can be passed through sexual contact). It is typically picked up in childhood when children pass toys and other objects around since children tend to mouth everything.

justonedering replied to georgiagail's response:
what type of issues would she most likly see in her rectal area?
could this cause abdominal pain or digesstion problems for her
georgiagail replied to justonedering's response:
Typically pain upon defacation since any tear would be in the anal region. Perhaps irritated hemorrhoids (itching, burning, perhaps bleeding with bowel movements). There should not be issues with digestion since the large bowel is not where food is digested or absorbed.


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