HIV from these two scenarios?
An_246781 posted:
There was a guest over and I accidentally left my razor in the bathroom. They used the bathroom. When I went in my razor was wet and slimy. (it was covered though) and I thought nothing of it because my razor has that moisturizer strip and sometimes my faucet drips. Lets say five minutes after they left (at the most) (they used the bathroom and left) I showered and used my razor. But there was no cut, could I get hiv through irritated pores? (That's of course if my razor was tainted). Also one more thing. Can a woman (theoretically speaking) get pregnant from an HIV+ man (the natural/unprotected sex way) and not get HIV?
georgiagail responded:
No, folks do not get HIV from razors.

And yes, it is possible to become pregnant from an HIV positive male and not pick up the virus. Not every incident of receptive (that's you; I'm assuming you're a female) penile-vaginal intercourse with an HIV positive male ends in transmission of this virus. In fact, the ESTIMATED risk from this is 10 per 10,000 exposures with a source known to carry the virus.