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found out today I have herpes
kikilee1985 posted:
I am totally devastated and annoyed that I have this... This is my first outbreak.. How long can you have it before you have an outbreak? I've been with my partner a year and a half, he said he has never had any symptoms to suggest he may have it, I recently had a miscarriage as me and my partner have been trying for 4 months. Can stress make it break out? I was so embarrasseded at the doctors today... Does it mean that I've had it along time or recently? As you would understand I have interrogated my fiance but I'm so confused and genuinely don't know how to wrap my head around this.... I am Still in shock, I was in a 9 year relationship before I met my partner now and my ex did cheat!!! I am so worried that my partner now has done the same??? Like I said before could I have had it for years and it's just showing now?
abe648 responded:
You could have had this for years and had no idea that you had it. The best thing is to get your bf to get a type specific IgG blood test for HSV 1 & 2 and get him to get a copy of the results and post them on here so someone can confirm his status.

Just because you have it does not mean he has it. Many people have HSV 2 and have no idea they have it. The odds of you transmitting it to him are low if you take suppressive therapy.

Female to Male Transmission for HSV 2
The odds of him getting GHSV 2 is as follows. If the two of you avoid sex when she has an ob then the chances of you getting it is 4%. If she takes suppressive therapy then it drops to 2% and if you use condoms then it go's to 1%. The details are from the Valtrex clinical trials study. At your age most likely you may not want to use condoms and so it increases your risk a bit higher to 2% which is still very low risk. This is info is from the Valtrex Clinical Trials Study
Did your Doc take a swab/culture/type your ob to confirm if it is HSV 1 or 2 genitally? The doc should have done this. If the Doc did not you can get the same test I recommended for your bf to know what you have as well.

Search in the top of this site for anything you have questions about GH.

God Bless both of you and let us know how things go.
Abe ...I am not a medical professional. Read the Herpes Handbook, Watch the Video and Terri Warren's book is availible umder the Heading Herpes at
kikilee1985 replied to abe648's response:
I was at my local sexual health clinic today, the doctor was great and helped alot with making me understand a bit better, plus with me going through a miscarriage he says that my body is stressed and this is why I'm having a break out aswell... I got the right medication so hopefully it clears up soon, my fiance has a blood test on the 20Th of this month so I will post his results for anyone to refer to if they end up in my situation, thank you

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