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    Please help identify this
    indianaguy77 posted:
    I've been all over the internet looking at pictures trying to find something that resembles what I have and I can't find anything. Any insight would be appreciated.

    These started showing up exactly two months ago (2nd week of Nov.) on my groin. They are below my under wear band. They are also on my groin on each sides of my testicles but they are not as defined. They don't hurt or itch. There is a small white bump on my penis as well. I didn't take a picture of it. It all started with a pointy bump just left and above my testicles. Of course stupid me got a little needle out and pricked it. It went away but then the outbreak started. Not sure if they're related or not. I normally shave but stopped for a little bit to see if it helps them to go away. When I did shave they bled a lot. Some of them look like pimples/zits with a white head/pus. Seems like they're in different stages. Some are bigger and some smaller. The last time I believe I had sex was August 30th. Just recently started taking a pack of vitamins every day to bump up my immune system. The other day I had a little bump on the inside of my mouth but it went away.

    I live in a small town and I'm too embarrassed to go to the doctors office where everyone knows me. I'm pretty much embarrassed to even go to a clinic but I know I should. How do clinics work? Are they free? Will they charge my insurance? Can I just pay cash? Do I have to give my name? I was in denial at first hoping it was nothing but now I'm more worried because it is getting worse. I'm afraid it's something serious that I'll have for the rest of my life and will ruin my chances of ever having a heterosexual relationship. Thank you in advance for any help!!!
    crazygirl89 responded:
    I am almost certain that this is molluscum contagiosum, it is sexually transmitted but people can also get them on different areas of their bodies so i dont think its a full blown std kindof thing, but don't worry, i had it too.. it goes away permanantly after i believe like 6 months or so and then it is not contagious, it doesn't really do anything, you can also get them frozen off in the mean time if they are bothering you

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