HELP! Is this an STD?
An_255335 posted:

I need some serious help I don't know what this is and I'm too embarrassed to go to a doctor in person to ask for help so hopefully someone can tell me what I can do about this or what it is for gods sake. They're just small colorless bumps that aren't painful but there are a lot of them but only in my pubic region. Symptoms include occasional itching and sometimes a light dampness in the pubic region. Other than that it doesn't bother me I just need to know if there is something I can do about it.
georgiagail responded:
It's unlikely these represent any STD.

The pubic area is often damp as it has both sweat and oil glands. These bumps look like hair follicles.

hopefulgiant responded:
Truthfully I'm going through the same thing but i normally have hair follicle but i was recently with a woman who has herpes. And i took a test and every doctor i go to think I'm crazy but its because sometimes i think they wait for something more obvious. But for really safe measure get a blood test.