jx123 posted:
At the beginning of January I had unprotected oral sex, and about a week later I had sore throat, fever and when I looked on the mirror I had white stuff on my tonsils and they looked kinda darkish and I was also bleeding on one side. Went to the Dr, he thought I had strep throat but the results for the throat culture came back negative. I still have white stuff on my tonsils but it doesn't hurt as much as before. Is it possible that I might have a STD on my throat?
jx123 responded:
Also, I had unprotected oral sex after having unprotected anal sex...which I know I shouldn't have but did anyways.
Will that be the cause of my throat infection?
georgiagail replied to jx123's response:
Possibly. It might be a good idea to go back for some further STD testing since it appears you were only tested for strep throat. Explain to your physician the unprotected anal intercourse prior to the oral sex.