STD? Worried...
crossedout posted:
Hello. A Week & a half ago, I had unprotected oral sex performed on me by a CSW. Over the past week, I've developed a burning sensation when urinating. Was nervous about it, but assumed it would just pass (it hasn't yet). But just now, I went to use the bathroom, only to notice a dark crust-like form around my urethra area. I literally just started a new job today, and won't be able to get tested until Wed. In the meantime, does this sound familiar? STD?
georgiagail responded:
We haven't a clue here.

atti_editor responded:
Hi crossedout,

While we cannot provide medical advice or diagnosis on this board, you might want to read through this article on STD symptoms . Burning or pain during urination is mentioned. The only way to you can get a proper diagnosis and the necessary treatment is to be tested. I encourage you to make an appointment to do so as soon as possible.

Best wishes,