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anxious88 posted:

A month ago I had unprotected sex (briefly, the condom came off for a few minutes) with someone and I have had no symptoms of anything since, she had been tested previously and had no problems.

In the last 2 weeks I have had protected sex with two different women, just once with each and using condoms both times. In the last 2 days I have developed a slight sore throat, cough and small ache in my jaw going up to my ear, as well as feeling a little more tired than normal. I have had a few tiring days of travel and lack of food so that might have contributed to it.

I am terrified of developing herpes and am very anxious, I know that the symptoms can be mild like this in the few weeks after exposure. I have no other physical symptoms and went to a doctor who told me that I have a sore throat (after checking my mouth) and that I have no fever, temperature, swollen glands etc. I am still panicking though...could this be a sign of herpes even though the doctor has said it is just a normal sore throat and has given me antibiotics?

What are the chances of catching herpes in one instance of protected sex with condoms make much difference to the transmission? Neither women in the last 2 weeks had any symptoms or physical signs etc...not sure how much difference that makes.

If anyone could give me any advice as to whether what I am experiencing is likely to be a symptom that would be really helpful! Given that I suffer from anxiety a bit there is a fair chance that I am also making it worse by worrying about it...

Many thanks in advance for any advice!

georgiagail responded:
Sounds like symptoms of a cold. Or perhaps allergies (depending on where you live).

If you're so terrified of developing herpes it would appear the only solution is to have intercourse only with women you can guarantee do not have the virus through previous testing.

anxious88 replied to georgiagail's response:
Would herpes cause coughing and sneezing etc too? I have just travelled from a hot place to a colder climate so that might have caused general does a condom provide much protection against the disease or not? Are the transmission chances quite low if your partner has no obvious symptoms?

I am rapidly reaching that conclusion in relation to intercourse, I never used to be like this though then read a few articles about herpes and am now fixated on it and can't control the anxiety.

Thanks for your response, hopefully it is just a cold and it seems to be improving with antibiotics. I am still feeling tired and coughing a lot but no fever or issue with glands or pain etc.

I realise that my questions probably seem pretty irrational but in relation to these things it is hard for me to not connect every symptom with the disease...thanks so much again for the help!

georgiagail replied to anxious88's response:
No; herpes would not cause coughing and sneezing. A cold and/or allergies would.


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