herpes esophagitis hsv-2
elucidator posted:
I was diagnosed with herpes esophagitis caused by hsv-2. I thought that this was caused by HSV-1 only. If it is HSV-2 where, if anyplace, does the virus shedding occur? I don't see how this could be connected to shedding in the genital area, since the nerves from down there I don't think connect to the esophagus area.
I have never experienced an outbreak or any symptoms. Is that because the HSV-2 virus that is involved in esophagitis never reaches the skin. Where does that virus reside? Am I contagious just like regular genital herpes? I'm confused.
georgiagail responded:
Typically HSV-1 is connected to outbreaks in the oral cavity while HSV-2 involves outbreaks in the genital regions but remember that this is not ALWAYS the case.