Black Circle Scabs On Penis
An_256918 posted:
Hi everyone,

About 3 days ago I noticed two black circle scabs on my penis, one on the shaft and near the head. A day after, they seemed to have multiply to about 10-15 small black circle scabs, very tiny, slightly larger than a pin prick. Is it possible that this is herpes? I have been with the same partner for over two years (this is my first partner). I never once had any kind of blisters. The scabs also do not itch, or emit pain.

georgiagail responded:
These are not symptoms of herpes.

karter234 replied to georgiagail's response:
As an update, I went to three different walk-in clinics. Two immediately said herpes, and scraped the scabs to get a culture, and blood test. Another said that it is not herpes, mostly because of the sudden volume of scabs, lack of blisters, and lack of pain..... If it is not herpes, do you have any idea of what it could be?

Also, my girlfriend broke out in a similar rash near the buttocks at the same time, but the doctor diagnosed it as candida. THe doctor that said it was NOT herpes, said that mine is NOT candida....