unprotected sex and hpv?
An_256966 posted:
I am 32 and had unprotected sex with a 62 year old lady 44 hrs ago. She is sexually active, married, and has more than one partner. I didn't know what hpv was until explaining to friend what happen. I know for sure in this scenario I contracted some sort of hpv. The lady doesn't want to get a hpv test. The only one available for men that is if you participate in gay sex, which is the anal testing. Does anal testing hpv contracted through the penis?
An_256966 responded:
Does anal testing for hpv test for hpv contracted through the penis?
georgiagail replied to An_256966's response:
Anal HPV test checks for the virus in the anus. It's rather doubtful this 62 year old lady provided anal sex to you.

tlkittycat1968 responded:
How do you know you got HPV is she won't get tested? Did she tell you she has HPV?