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    How much can I trust a negative result for chlamydia?
    habee30 posted:
    I've just tested positive for chlamydia after having various symptoms. I had a swab test a year ago before getting together with my ex and it came back negative. Apart from him I have not had sex with anyone else in the last year, so I can only really have caught it from him. I also started having symptoms shortly after we broke up and didn't have any before then. So the odds are stacked against him.

    He may have had it before we were together and not known about it. He may have cheated and given it to me that way. Or he may have tested for it and not told me he had it. Either way it makes him a jerk for putting me at risk.

    But before accusing him of anything I'd just like to know if there's any significant chance that the results of the test I had before were wrong? We've had no contact at all since breaking up and I would be just mortified if I told him he had given me chlamydia and it turned out he was clean.
    georgiagail responded:
    So, basically, what you are asking is whether your PREVIOUS negative test for chlamydia might have been wrong?

    Like you said, you didn't have any symptoms before then, you started having symptoms after you had unprotected sex with him and then tested positive.

    Tell him to get tested. Even IF he didn't give it to you (and you had it before) there's now a chance that you've given it to HIM. He needs to know that you've tested positive for this STD. Does it matter who gave it to whom? This is what happens when folks continue to have unprotected sexual contact.

    habee30 replied to georgiagail's response:
    Thanks for the reply. Yes that's what I was asking. I'm 99% sure I caught it from him but just wondered if it could be the other way round. It does matter to me who gave it to whom. I wouldn't dream of not telling him, but knowing that he gave it to me affects how I'll tell him.

    If you reread my original post, you'll see that I mention nothing about having unprotected sex. The reason for that is that we did NOT have unprotected sex. Hence this being a bit of a shock. Same with the guy I was with before then. We used condoms, but they have their limitations. They can slip, there can still be skin on skin contact, bodily fluids etc. They help protect against STDs, but can't completely prevent their transmission.

    georgiagail replied to habee30's response:
    Frankly, if the condoms are used accurately, you would not come in contact with his sexual fluids and these are what would contain the Chlamydia bacteria in an infected individual. Skin on skin contact would not transmit this particular bacteria based STD.

    At any rate, what you now have to tell him is that you have tested positive for this STD and he needs to also get tested. It doesn't matter who entered this relationship with the initial infection.

    An_257065 responded:
    I'm in a similar position. I tested positive. My husband and the woman he cheated with were negative. I already took the antibiotic so retesting won't help. I'm checking with my doctor about false positives. I did find pregnancy forums where the women say there's were false positives.
    michelleellen replied to An_257065's response:
    Chlamydia is a bacterial infection that affects nearly 4 million people in United States every year. It is extremely common in 15- to 19- year olds, followed by 20- to 24- year olds. It is passed through unprotected sex and causes a white cloudy discharge from the penis and a burning sensation during urination. The infection can spread to the testes and result in sterility.

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