How contagious are STD's on objects.
nawdy posted:
I host kinky parties and have several pieces of equipment that people use. the question has come up about cleaning equipment, i.e. leather floggers, pvc covered benches and wooden object.
We currently use antibacterial wipes. i also read recently that HPV can still be detected on sex toys after they were cleaned with antibacterial cleaner.

how long will an STI or STD be "active or contagious" outside the body?
georgiagail responded:
Not very long. And that includes HPV which doesn't survive very long on sex toys even without being cleaned with an antibacterial cleaner.

These bacterial and viral based diseases/infections are living critters are require warmth/moisture/nutrition to survive which is why they thrive in the human body but not on objects such as sex toys.

Transmission from one person to another involves immediate sharing of sex toys during sexual encounters without an attempt to clean these first.