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Yeast infection symptoms in men? Possible infection?
concernedguy92 posted:
Hello. I've posted before regarding an issue and figured I'd try again for a new issue. I have some itching going in in my anal region. I do not think it is herpes or something like that (I see no bumps/blisters). I did have sex on May 2nd unprotected with someone I trust. He is sure he has nothing (we've messed around before & I always came up negative for things so I do trust his word). Well, the itching is quite annoying. Also, when I wipe and when I clean that area in the shower, it kind of hurts. But it doesn't hurt any other time, only when wiping after a bowel movement or when I'm wiping/cleaning while showering. I've researched & it came up that i could be an anal fissure (which I have had before) but when I remember having one, it never hurt when I wiped. It only hurt during the actual bowel movement so idk if it is a fissure or not. However, I've also seen yeast infection come up here & there as well. Also, on the head of my penis is read spots. They are painless and don't look like bumps, just red flat spots. I've had those before (even when I was a virgin) so idk if they can be related or not but I thought I'd throw that in there. The red spots occur every few months (maybe 4 or 5 months). My main issue though is the itching in my anus region. Would anybody know symptoms of a yeast infection in the anus region? How would I go about treating it? Also, what could the red spots on the head of my penis be caused by? Again, they aren't painful or anything. They're just there. Any info would be great, thanks!
georgiagail responded:
A yeast infection in this area would have the same symptoms as a yeast infection in other areas of the body. If a fungal infection they would itch but burn when scratched. Treatment would be the use of any product for athletes foot/"jock itch" (use creams, not sprays).

However, keep in mind that pruritus (a fancy name for itching) can also be seen in some of the STD's.

concernedguy92 replied to georgiagail's response:
I just finished showering & while washing my bottom, it burned. So I'm assuming it is a yeast infection? I don't have funds to go to a doctor to really know so that's out if the question. I did get a mirror and looked down there. I saw tiny tiny red specs that looked like little tiny cuts. I also saw what could have been a hemorrhoid. Other than when I wash it doesn't burn. It it he's off & on throughout the day.

Also, the redness on my pen is head is gone.

What STDs have itching as a symptom (aside from herpes) & how long after exposure would the symptoms start to show? It'll be 3 week this Friday since I've had sex.
atti_editor replied to concernedguy92's response:
Here is some information on itching that you may find helpful.

Best wishes,
concernedguy92 replied to georgiagail's response:
Okay, now I really am kinda scared. I just went to the bathroom. When I wiped, I noticed blood on the toilet paper. I inspected my area again and noticed my actual "hole" isn't bleeding. It's the area in my inner-cheek close to/around the actual hole that is bleeding. I see spots of red and when I wipe, it's blood. Right now I'm sitting down and it still feels kinda burning-ish from wiping I'm assuming.

What would cause the area around the hole to be raw-feelings and bleed?

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