Struggling since 6 months - Testicular ache - Need your help
smrn_ posted:
Hi Team

Age - 26

I am writing in with a lot of hope of getting a useful advice. In September, 2013 I had a sexual contact (anal) with a sex worker post which I got balanitis (Yeast infection, Genital wart, Molluscum papule). I got in touch with a dermatologist and he cleared the infections. During same time I tested negative for HIV, Syphilis and HSV.

Things were going well, infections were clearing up when in January, when I woke up in the morning my right testicle was aching - low grade ache. I went to a urologist he prescribed a semen culture and sensitivity test. While I was waiting for the results the ache in the right testicle cleared up and the left testicle started having the similar dull ache. I used to have burning sensation on the scrotum sometimes.

The semen culture came out positive with moderate number of Klebsiella and insignificant number of Enterococcus. I was prescribed antibiotics as per the sensitivity report. The dull ache in the left testicle continued off and on. Sometimes I used to feel alright, sometimes the dull ache would come again. It was not hindering my normal life, other than the fact that I used to feel extremely frustrated when the testicle used to ache.

During the last 6 months I have gone for several tests - 4 ultra sounds/Doppler - all clear, HIV - negative once again, VDRL - negative once again, Chlamydia (done through urine sample) - negative, Examination by a vascular specialist for Varicocele - negative, Urine test - negative (No UTI, no problem in urinating)

Since the last 2 months I have been taking - 200 mg Doxycycline + 1000 mg Cipro + 1000 mg Azithromycin + 1g monocef (Ceftriaxome) - everyday to rule out any possibility of an STI.

How the condition has changed in the last 6 months is the frequency of testicular ache in the left testicle has reduced (as it comes and goes) - I feel dull ache in left spermatic cord - some weird sensations in the scrotum on both the sides (can't explain in words). and dull ache in both the knees - No constipation, never had one.

I am still waiting for an accurate diagnosis for the condition (let alone the treatment). I don't even know if this is related to the contact I had in September (after which I did not have any other contact).I am really worried about my fertility as I am still not married.

I would really appreciate if someone can guide me on how to proceed with the condition - which tests can help me in diagnosing the condition.

Please do write back in case you want me to clarify something.

Thanks in advance - waiting for a reply in anticipation.
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This person isn't asking about dating with an STD you moron.

smrn_ replied to georgiagail's response:
Update: I was put on linezolid (600 mg, twice daily) by my urologist, and he told me stop all the other medicines. 6 days down the line it seemed as if I am back to all my symptoms again.
I went back to my earlier dose (Doxy - 200 mg daily, Azithro - 1000mg daily and Cipro - 1000mg daily).

In a day I got a lot of releif and felt a lot more comfortable.

Observations: I feel ache in spermatic cord (Vas deference, I am guessing). I also feel like rubbing the skin above the spermatic cord, spermatic cord feels itchy and rubbing the skin releives the itchiness.
If I poke the testicles they ache for 15 - 20 min then back to normal. It seems as if they have become sensitive to pressure.
I also feel uncomfortable in the area where the thighs meet the groin (Are these the Lymph nodes ?)
Last observation which I observed today only is extremely little white discharge from the penis while I was rolling the foreskin back after bathing. It was a small drop, could not even drop from the penis. It got smeared over the meatus and I had to clean it by dabbing a tissue. Did not observe any secretion earlier.

My query is still the correct diagnosis of the condition. Which tests should I go for ?