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An_258010 posted:

I've had balanitis on my penis for years but didn't go to doctor about it.
Recently I visited Doc and now I'm using clotrmazole to cure it.

However, I have a persistent red patch on my penis which isn't going away and I'm on 7th day of clotrimazole.
I am suspecting I have zoon's balanitis. (please google)

Is it SAFE for me to RECEIVE UNPROTECTED ORAL SEX from a female while I have balanitis (possibly zoon's balanitis)?

Thank you soo much,
georgiagail responded:
Yes, although if the patch is significant, you may need to explain to your partner what this is as they may be hesitant to perform oral sex if the lesions are impressive.

Treatment for this can take a while.

lukasrosol7 replied to georgiagail's response:
Yes, but I'm asking if I have Zoon's balanitis specifically, am I prone to HIGHER RISK of stds as I have inflammation, redness and possible tiny amount of bleeding?

(wouldn't redness or bleeding indicate small openings on glans of my penis?)

Can't this lead to bacteria more easily being transmitted in my penis?

Am I not more at risk of getting herpes, hep B, syphilis, gonorrhoea?

[br>Also can the girl who's giving me oral sex get thrush from my balanitis? [br>[br>
georgiagail replied to lukasrosol7's response:
If you're worried about these STD's, don't engage in sexual contact with partners infected with any of these diseases.

lukasrosol7 replied to georgiagail's response:
The girl told her sexual history comprises of her performing mutual masturbation with one ex-boyfriend. That is absolutely it. [br>[br>Neither her, nor her ex-boyfriend ever had prior sexual contact with anyone. [br>[br>So my question is does this rule out her giving me any STDs? (because she's been in a monogamous relationship with only one guy before AND the guy himself only had one monogamous relationship with her)? [br>[br>Am I at higher risk at getting herpes, Hep B, gonorrhea, syphilis due to my balantis (possibly zoon's balantis)?
georgiagail replied to lukasrosol7's response:
Let's look at this logically.

Neither she nor her ex-boyfriend had any partners before they performed just mutual masturbation on each other.

Therefore, they could not have picked up ANY STD from a previous partner.

Therefore, they could not have passed on ANY STD to each other.

Thus, she has nothing to pass on to you with your have balantis or not.


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