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Possible Syphilis
aceman810 posted:
Last week I felt something hard in my anal opening while I was wiping. It was between the outside and the inside if that makes any sense. It did not hurt and was not leaking. With some difficulty I was able to see it in the mirror. I didn't think much of it at the time since I have had recurring anal cysts for a few years now. However, a couple of days ago I tried to see if I could pop it. It did but not in the traditional sense. If anything else, I dug a fingernail into and the whole thing popped out. It did bleed a little after that, but what got my attention about the whole thing is that what came out didn't look like pus. It was a semi-solid, white mass. Still nothing leaking, or nothing leaking that I can tell. I am wondering if this was a syphilis Chancre. Last I heard chancres do not hurt, are hard, and tend to leak but generally cannot be popped in the way I described. I had an encounter about six weeks ago that I guess could be described as unsafe sex. A friend of mine was giving me erotic massage and we played around with him teasing my anus but not going in all the way. We checked each other out for sores beforehand, which I know doesn't mean much. The area is a little tender now but that doesn't surprise me. What is concerning me now is that I have swollen and slightly tender nymph nodes on the right side of my groin and a general feeling of unease. What do you think it is?
georgiagail responded:
This is not the chancre seen in syphilis.

tlkittycat1968 responded:
I could have just been a pimple. What you describe coming out is sort of what comes out when I pop my pimples (which I shouldn't do).
webchikk61 responded:
I think I know somewhat about what u r talking, maybe. U didn't say anything about warts but I have just a few on my fingers and I have 3 of those pimple things and they r never ending pimples I call them. I have 1 on the back of my leg and 1 on my neck and one right in between my eyes, but someone else wouldn't know. The pimples have not what u would say pimples really r but like u said semi-solid mass, to me it is more watery with the semi solid mass and I have had them for years. I pop them every month or so. Tho I have no pertinent information 4 u I think we may have that in common. I did want to ask u if u only had that 1 and it just popped once?

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