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Genital herpes?
An_258864 posted:

Almost 2 weeks ago I noticed a raised pimple-looking thing in my pubic area, and popped it and white pus came out. It was painful for not even a day, and then one more spot came up and it wasn't painful at all and it was much smaller then the other one. A couple days after I noticed flu-like symptoms - headache, fatigue, etc. I noticed a very slight rash on my wrist that doesn't itch and may just be eczema. I also had an odd feeling in my tongue for 5 of those days but nothing visible was on my tongue. Today, I am still feeling fatigued, sore, and wake up thirsty & with a slight headache each morning. My pubic area still has those couple sores, but they are only slight red spots at this point and there is slight redness in other parts on my pubic area as well, but none on the shaft. I am a heavy runner & when I exercise each day I get shortness of breath sooner than I normally would. Like I said, the pubic spots/area has not been painful/itchy AT ALL.

My last sexual encounter was 2 months before I first noticed the pimple-like thing. I have had sex with three different girls, ALL protected with a condom, however I have given/received oral sex from 6-8 girls, but the most recent encounter was as stated two months ago.

I'm wondering if this is herpes or what this could possibly be. Obviously I'm worried & I don't think the chance is high, but I would appreciate any input.

Thank you in advance.

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