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Detox found on resolve herpes site
verysad2008 posted:
I was just reading about a detox that rids the body of the herpes virus. Is there any truth behind this. It states that you have to follow the detox steps and 90 days after the detox you will be negative for the herpes virus. Has anyone else read about this? Your thoughts are greatly appreciated. I found it on a website call resolve herpes??????????
kaisanan responded:
No. This is not true.
HappyMommy45 responded:
I do not think this would be true iether b/c when herpes goes into its "hiding" stage, it "hides" in the base of the spinal cords. That is why there is not a cure for this because there would be the risk of poralisys. And believe me, I would rather have Gh than not be able to walk again.

So do not bank on it unless you see commercials about it back by the American Medical Assoc
dezidahling responded:
This detox works. I am living proof. I searched high and low before I bought in December 08. With no substantial proof that it ' did not' work.

just alot of speculation. It worked for me and I was reassured that they would be with me until I was free of it.

I feel a new lease on life..after contracting the virus. I had it a total of four weeks because i trusted that people against hadn't even tried it. In my research even a person who had it 20 years is able to detox the virus. Give it a shot. Well worth the wait:)
betsyo1967 responded:
exactly how were you tested to know that now you are herpes negative? How were you originally diagnosed in the first place?
Dowhatittakes responded:
Yes, we are told that there is no cure but if there was a cure, how would these drug companies continue to make money off of us! The goal of the drug companies is not to cure us but to make millions. I say try it and see for yourself. If it works, then its a blessing! If not try something else. I plan to try it myself in the near future.... There is a money back guarantee....
lp130 responded:
Herpes is for life. There is no cure, only antivirals to help with suppression of the virus and quicker healing.
14thegirl responded:
Hi, I guess I'm extremely late about being informed about resolve. I want to try it but I have to read more about it. Are there really success stories using this detoxification for H2?
cayrick responded:
I took the program and sad to say it did not work for me.
23isback replied to dezidahling's response:
Did This Resolve Herpes Actually Cure You From The Virus
abe648 replied to 23isback's response:

as others have said there is no cure for the herpes virus. All the people who are telling you this (Resolve Herpes) are looking for is for youu to spend your money. It is a money grab.Learn more about herpes with the items in my signature line below.
Abe ... Read more in the Herpes Handbook. Watch the Herpes Video and Terri Warren's book The Good News about the Bad News. All located under the heading Herpes at
WowReallyDontThinkSo replied to HappyMommy45's response:
You should get your facts straight. The AMA has been known to withold cures for the sake of the Big Pharma for almost a century, if not more. And you're telling people to put their trust in them?
georgiagail replied to WowReallyDontThinkSo's response:
This is a load of garbage.

SawWil91 responded:
do you still have the herpes virus or have you found something that actually cures it? Please let me know asap I just found out that I have it. Thank you.
SawWil91 replied to dezidahling's response:
Did you really get cured of the herpes virus? Please let me know asap I just found out that i have it. Looking for a cure not a suppressant. Please if you or anyone else knows of a cure please please please let me know. Thank you.

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