Penis Skin Discoloration
123DJ posted:
I believe I had gential warts when I was in my 20s. I am 50 now. When I noticed the warts, I did go to the doctor for treatment. They eventually went away. Through the years, I noticed that my penis has skin pigment discoloration bolotches or patches around the shaft. Lighter and darker skin patches. It does not hurt at all, just looks bad and I always have to explain to my sex partner that I had genital warts when I was younger, but do not know why the discoloration is there. It seems as it developed through the years as I got older. Is the discoloration due to having genital warts over 30 ago? Or is the discoloration due to something else? Thanks Curious.
betsyo1967 responded:
Discoloration can be normal or it can be because of a fungal infection. Follow up on it with your provider if you want better answers. depending on how your provider removed your warts all those years ago depends on if it could've caused skin damage too. Typically if genital warts do not return after a year of having them treated, you've cleared the virus from your body.
justin1973 responded:
i also have the same discolouration on the tip of my penis