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    Apple Cider Vinegar supplements
    themovieguy posted:
    Hi folks, this is my very first post on any website since my GW appeared over a year ago. Needless to say it's been one hell of a year. My girlfriend and I split up, not because of my GW but it's been extremely hard to maintain any confidence at all when meeting new people. Over this past year I have read about numerous products that claim to eliminate GW and i've tried a few but only one worked, so i thought. I bought a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar and did the whole "cotton ball taped to my penis" routine and it really seemed to work. But after a few nights of doing that I was in so much pain that I couldn't keep up with it, so they came back every time and there seemed to be more of them each time. The longest I was able to apply the ACV was for 3 weeks straight, but, they even came back after that. I also tried over-the-counter wart stuff that you can buy at any drug store and let me tell ya, there's a reason that they say "do not apply to genital warts". That stuff it didn't work. The last thing I tried was bleach, and to be honest, the bleach seemed to work really well. If you apply a small amount to your GW after a hot shower you can start to see the warts turning black. But there's no way I would do the taped cottonball thing with bleach, that could do some major damage to your skin. But anyways, after all that dissapointment I finally decided to quit trying to kill my GW externally with creams, liquids...etc. I'm happy to tell all of you that i'm finally starting to see some real results. I found out recently that you can also buy ACV supplements so I bought a bottle of them, they are 108mg tablets. I also bought a bottle of multivitamins. I figured it would be ok to take extra ACV tablets since they are healthy for you so i take 8 of them per day. I take 1 multivitamin and 4 ACV tablets with breakfast then 4 more ACV tablets later in the day. In that time i've not only managed to stay healthy in a crowd of sick co-workers and lose a little weight (8 pounds) but my GW are almost gone. When i look at the area they are in they are barely visable. I can still feel them a little bit, but they've decreased in size considerably. The best part of this though is that it is 100% pain-free. I know a month and a half sounds like a long time but it's been worth it to not have any pain at all, plus i know that my immune system has gotten a much needed boost. I'm definitely going to continue taking the ACV supplements until i can no longer feel the GW. I just want my self esteem back, thats the biggest thing for me. FYI i was able to buy the ACV supplements at the vitamin shoppe and they were only like $5 for a 100 count bottle. I have a question of my own though. Even if i'm able to get rid of the warts completely, i know that i'll still have the HPV virus, so will I ever be able to receive oral sex again? I really hope this helps some of you out there, please reply to this and let me know if you've had any luck. God bless.
    cuervoguy2002 responded:
    Hey man, thanks for sharing this. I've been looking all over for treatments. My doctor prescribed me aldara, and that didn't work at all, so now I am trying the boosting the immune system thing. I just started this new vitamin treatment a couple days ago. Hopefully with the vitamins, along with the apple cider vinegar suppletments, I'll have similiar results. Quick question. How long before you started noticing results?
    alison0516 responded:
    Thanks for this... i'm a 22 year old female diagnosed 4 months ago and this virus has been devestating to every aspect of my life... to say the least.

    I consider myself pretty healthy (i'm only 110 lbs, excersise moderately, eat decently, don't smoke/hardly drink), but little warts keep popping up as soon as I get rid of one.

    I'm taking so many vitamins it's unreal, haha. I take a multivitamin as well as an excess of beta-carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Folic Acid, and Echinacea.

    I've used the ACV cottonball thing a few times, and then I've also used bleach which seemed to work really well (especially after having ACV applied to a wart for a few hours)... downfall is that obviously, bleach BURNS after a couple days (surprisingly, ACV treatments alone don't seem to do anything - they don't even burn! - but applying bleach a few times a day has worked - and burned).

    For 3 days, I've been drinking a few tablespoons of ACV because of it's numerous health benefits, but it's absolutely DISGUSTING and I've gagged everytime.

    To wrap up this unnecessarily long post, I'm definitely going to take the ACV supplements instead of drinking this god-awful tasting stuff... I had no idea that they actually had ACV supplements so THANK YOU! I hope this works!
    themovieguy responded:
    think i started to notice some results after about 3 weeks. I get more excited each day, even today as I was using the bathroom at work i took a look and saw that they were even a little less visable than yesterday. One drawback though, and of course I have no idea if this is true or not and that is, if you are a beer drinker (which i am, i love a good dark beer) It seems that the GW look to increase in size after drinking a little bit, maybe its the yeast in the beer, or maybe its just my imagination. But anyhow, good luck with the ACV supplements. Don't rush it though, this whole process takes time.
    themovieguy responded:
    I drank the stuff was HORRIBLE. Just like you I started to take many different vitamins at the same time but i was afraid that maybe i was overdoing it so i cut back to just the multivitamin and the ACV supplements. Please keep me posted. Good luck
    ChiefBull responded:
    Thanks for the input on Apple Cider Vinegar supplements. Would I have to go to a health store to get them or can I find them at a grocery store?
    healthyhope responded:
    Movie Guy,

    It's painful to read all that you've been through to rid yourself of genital warts. I highly suggest going to see a dermatologist. They will freeze it off in less than 5 mins and your Medical should cover it. If not it's approx. $100. I did this last week and it wasn't as painful as I imagined.

    Regarding your oral sex question, it is rare for someone to contract genital warts in their mouth, BUT it is possible. I would let your partner decide after you give them the facts and would also make sure you are not exhibiting any signs of warts when you receive oral sex even though you are still able to pass it on.
    albert464 responded:
    Hi healthyhope.. I like your posts.. I am going to freeze mine off tomorrow so wish me luck..I hope it works.. I have tried Aldara, condolox and some over the counter stuff like Oregano that just was sooo painful it almost made me pass out.. Holy Smokes.. it also ripped my testicles up and think turned them dark brown.. they always came back..

    I am really hoping freezing works..
    sostressed responded:
    Hey, just wanted to thank you for your post..I'm a 30 yr old girl who was recently diagnosed with the HPV virus. It was cool of you to share this with other people.. and about the self esteem thing- I hear ya, I sometimes feel the same way. I've been so stressed out about it, but you know what..SO many people have HPV and we're not alone. I've came to realize that this is something that I have to deal with and the only thing I can do is try to keep it under control, stay healthy, and take care of myself the best I can. Thanks again, I'm going to pick up some ACV supplements tomorrow!!
    ZeroJointPain responded:
    Yeah definately something you and future partner will need to decide. I would say your best bet is to meet someone and let them in on this when the time is right. I give you respect for what you are going through and how you are handling it. I have read about ways to have oral pleasure with saran wrap as well although I have never tried it. Just a thought.
    supportoneanother responded:
    I feel a sense of relief, now that I have read everyone's responses to this post. hpv is hard to talk about, and although it is very prevalent, having it can make one feel isolated. I have been dealing with hpv since 2005, I am 29 years old. I have managed to keep it at bay, but it still disrupts my life. It will always be at the back of my mind, the scary thoughts of dealing with cervical cancer! I have been lucky to have supportive doctors and a supportive partner. It was hard to tell my partner that I have hpv and that if we were to be together, he would most likely contract the virus. But, we made the decision to move forward, and he got over it. And yes, he did contract the virus and has to deal with gw. But he understands that hpv can be devastating in other ways to women, and realizes that even though gw are extremely hard to deal with physically and emotionally, at least it means that the strand of hpv that we have is less invasive. We don't have sex when either of us have gw. It sucks, but we get through it together. At least we know that we have the virus, so many people don't know and continue to spread it, and potentially get really sick from it being undiagnosed. I don't mean to scare anyone, I am just trying to put things in perspective. I too have tried aldara, and it did not work, I eventually went to my doctor and had gw frozen off. This seems to work the best and although there is slight pain, it is not as bad as you think it is going to be. I am excited to hear about the apple cider vinegar, sometimes when gw are small, I don't want to go to the doctor, so an at home remedy, or something to lessen the severity sounds great. I'll try anything to boost my immune system! Be honest with your partner(s), know when you are having an outbreak that any kind of sex is probably not a good idea. Condoms help, it doesn't give 100% protection but it covers some area against contact. We have to stay positive and remember that our bodies can eradicate this virus. Thank you so much for this original post, and thank you to all of the wonderful people who have replied to it! Keep your head up, and think healthy!
    unawareandafraid responded:
    Hello every1! I'm VERY new to this and have still not gotten 100% diagnosed with hpv warts but am almost 99% positive it is it. I was with a new sexual partner in febuary and started to show signs of it in as little as 2 weeks after. At first it looked like raised skin and slowly started to spread. I now have tiny little bumps. I have been sooooo devastated I dont even know how to control myself. I have read that a healthy immune system can rid the virus on its own in about 2 any1 aware ofthis? And does any1 know if warts in the genital region can spread to the anus??
    upsetnpissed responded:
    I wanted to let you know that yes hpv warts can spread to the anus. I had some surgically removed last January. I was told that I had the type of HPV that was not a sexually transmitted disease by my OB/GYN but what I am reading is more and more like I do! The warts that I have pop up and some look like small skin tags and some actually look like cauliflower like they say. But for the most part, aside from being embarrassing, they are not that big of a deal. I have had them removed and they have said that it could take 3-4 removal procedures to get all of the infection. Mine seem to pop up more when I am super stressed or have a yeast infection. Now that i am pregnant, it is even more embarrassing because I am going to a different doctor so I have to explain the whole thing again, and I have another small breakout due to the hormonal changes. Hopefully they can freeze these off with no problem!
    unawareandafraid responded:
    Do u know wut ur symptoms were like in the anus? At times im VERY discomforted in that area but dont really see anything. It also itches at time.

    I had a biopsy done today...OMG is all i have to looks as if my poor area got into a boxing match with sumthing awful! My gut is telling me that thats wut i have and ive already been through the hysterical crying for weeks thing...but im just soooo afraid that once i hear them say its 100% that, that i will go through the whole process of feeling discusting all over again. I would wake up every morning feeling nauseas and discusted of being in my own skin!!!! How do you handle the feeling?!!
    wazup7 responded:
    Hey everyone, I've had GW's for about 3 years now. They've always been real small and I've been having safe sex (no oral) so I never thought too much about getting rid of them. But lately, they've been spreading, like over the past 6 months. Now they are patchy, not like bumps but more like raised, flat pieces of skin. They don't hurt or itch, and I can't feel them to the touch, but they're big enough that I've decided to get rid of them. I was going to see my doctor, but I decided to check out online some alternative solutions before I went that route. I discovered that the seemingly most effective solution with the least side effects was ACV. So I started taping small Q-tip sized cotton balls to my penis every night. On the first night, I didn't feel any itching or burning, but when I removed the tape the next morning, I noticed that they were completely white, and I mean totally white! So I was like weird, I guess i'll keep trying. The next night, I put the tape on and after a few minutes, it itches unbearably. I push through the discofort and the next morning, again, they are all white, except one is a little black on the end. Third night, instead of itching, it burns a lot, but since it seems to be working, I keep with it. The next morning they are all black, very black. And one of them simply fell off while I was washing (gently) in the shower.

    I've heard that the reason this works is this: when the very acidic ACV is applied to the skin, it causes an irritation to the skin, which invokes an immune system response in that area. The immune cells come in full force (since ACV is so acidic) and when the arrive at the location, they attack the HPV virus, thinking that the HPV is what caused the irritation. Thus, I imagine that keeping this treatment up for a few weeks should suffice to remove the warts, and hopefully, keeping the treatment up for a few weeks after that should induce enough immune responses to kill the virus.

    Hope that helps anyone who's reading...Considering I've had these things for a few years, $5 and a few weeks/months of my time is well worth it to get rid of the HPV. Also keep a good diet and vitamins.

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