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Mouth blisters on inside of cheek
Amy66030 posted:
I have recently (3 weeks ago) been diagnosed with HSV-2 and l am now experiencing blisters on the inside of my cheek. I am currently on Valtrex as well as taking Lysine supplements. Can you tell me how effective Valtrex is for the blisters on the inside of my mouth? Also - how long do they take to go away?
kaisanan responded:
HSV2 gentially would not be causing blisters orally. In addition, HSV orally is usually ouside of the mouth, not inside.

Have you follwed up with an ENT or your reg doc to see what this might be?
Amy66030 responded:
I read on Web MD that herpes can cause blisters on the inside of the cheeks, so maybe I need to adjust my question.

Does Valtrex assist with this type of outbreak and if so, does anyone know how long it takes to clear up.
kaisanan responded:
It "can", but outside of the mouth is the most common place for oral herpes.

HSV2 is usually gential and not oral. HSV2 orally is rare.

How were you diagnosed with HSV2?

Valtrex does help with oral herpes and it should clear up in a few days, but again, this is unlikely to be herpes due to location and type.

The herpes handbook is very helpful- the link is in my signature.
Amy66030 responded:
I was diagnosed via blood testing at my doctors office. I did not have any oral sores at the time, only gential. Now, two weeks later, the oral appeared.

Do you have any idea what else this could be? The blister looks exactly the same as the gential one did (which cleared up within a couple of days of taking valtrex) as far as it is white, hurts, little red around the edge and some tingling in my jaw.
betsyo1967 responded:
You should follow up on this with your provider. Since you are on valtrex it's likely you'd get a negative lesion culture regardless but they can try popping the blister and culturing it anyways. This isn't likely to be herpes related but it could be. A single blister on the cheek area would be unusual for herpes to present.

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