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Cutting Acyclovir pills
Cat521 posted:
I was on Valtrex for several years, and thought I was still having outbreaks. I also switched to an insurance that would cover generics, so my doctor put me on 800mg of Acyclovir twice a day.

However, I now believe that my "outbreaks" were vaginal infections that were not herpes-related. I also currently have no health insurance and do not want to pay for 60 800mg pills every month.

Is it possible for me to just take one 800mg pill a day? Or can I cut a pill and take half of one twice a day?
lp130 responded:
Are you saying that you think you may not even have herpes? How were you tested?
abe648 responded:
What your Doc prescribed is what is needed to treat herpes. Acyclovir requires you to take it 2 times per day to get the desired results and it most likely will not work if you cut your dosage to 1/2 the required dosage. So since you have herpes and if you do want to take Acyclovir as a suppressive then you need to do as the Doc said. If you do not have a partner at present then there is no reason why you need to take it as a suppressive therapy. You could take it for each ob and get a Doc to Rx it for ob's You do not have to treat your ob's at all if you do not want to. If you want to suffer through an ob like some people may. If you would want to continue taking it as a suppressive therapy then shop around on cost. If you are in the US then I understand that Walmart and Walgren and perhaps some other drug stores have fairly low prices on Acyclovir.

To learn more about this question read the Herpes Handbook under Treatments section. Link in my signature.
Cat521 responded:
I'm not sure how exactly the doctor tested for it (it was a swab; no blood was taken), but I'm pretty sure I have herpes. The first outbreak was really bad, but that's the only outbreak I've ever had, because I've been on medicine ever since then. I was on 1000 mg Valtrex for about a year, then 500 mg Valtrex for two years, and I've only been on the Acyclovir for a month or two.

I'm just thinking that I don't need to be taking 1600 mg Acyclovir a day. You said 1600 mg is "what is needed to treat herpes," but the very handbook you told me to go to says the standard dosage is 800 mg a day.

I checked about 5 different "low-cost generic" plans at Walgreens, Wal-Mart, etc., and you can't get 800 mg pills.
abe648 responded:
I was wrong you are right. In the Handbook it says for suppressive Acyclovir it is as follows.

"Suppression: 400 mg twice a day every day."

If you are not sure you were tested properly then check with planned parenthood and ask them to test you with a "type specific IgG blood test for HSV 1 and HSV 2.Theu could charge you but ask before you get tested what it will cost. Since you have had very few outbreaks you could possibly have HSV 1 genitally which does not have as many ob but the first ob is the same as HSV 2.but the only way you will know is to get tested. Hope that helps you.
Cat521 responded:
I plan to stay on some kind of suppresive therapy either way. I'm just wondering if I'll be getting a 400 mg dose if I cut a 800 mg pill in half, because I don't think it works that way with all medicines.
kaisanan responded:
Call a pharmacist and ask, but it seems reasonable that cutting 800 in hald and taking half 2 times a day would work.
betsyo1967 responded:
Yes you can cut your acyclovir 800mg tablets in half and take 1/2 twice a day. If the tablets you have are not scored ( with a line down the middle that makes them in theory easy to break in half ) but a pill cutter. It's well worth a couple of bucks for one than it is to sit with a knife and try to cut all those suckers!!!

Acyclovir is not effective when taken only once a day which is why you need to take 1/2 a pill 2x/day.
Cat521 responded:
Great, thanks!

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