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    how do you get pregnant with herpes
    lovedieshard19 posted:
    how can you get pregnant if you can't have sex without a condom? i want a baby in the future but i don't know if i can now. my doctor said it might be really hard for me to get pregnant cause i had chlamydia and now herpes so my stuff was scared. is it true?
    betsyo1967 responded:
    Herpes doesn't affect your fertility. chlamydia can if it goes untreated.

    You don't have to use condoms all the time. That's totally you and your partners choice.
    lovedieshard19 responded:
    don't get it. if i want to get pregnant and i have herpes hsv1 and he doesn't then can we have sex when i'm not having an ob? wouldnt that put him at risk? OR heres another question if we both have herpes then we don't need to use condoms?
    betsyo1967 responded:
    Has he been tested to see if he has hsv1 or not?

    hsv1 doesn' t shed very often. You are less likely to transmit it to a partner. always avoid sex during obvious genital symptoms.
    AnotherWorrier responded:
    I wondered the same thing. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant but how can we when even with medication my herpes never go away? At first my doctor said it wasn't herpes then he said it is after a blood test and a few different types of antibiotics that also didn't work and now I'm on acyclovir and it only made a teeny tiny different in size of the sores. My sores don't look like the normal herpes, they look more like bloody boils. I get the electric itching but it's not where my sores are or even near my sores and I do have dry skin problems. The itching will generally go away if I use baby oil or some very good moisturizing lotion. I was so exciting about trying to get pregnant and now I don't want to risk giving this to my husband. I have had my sores for more than 3 months. I can't take a daily dose of herpes meds because it's not safe if I can get pregnant. The doctor said I definitely have herpes in my system but he seems unable to confirm what exactly I have around my vagina and I have a sore under each breast. Can anyone please tell me what I am doing wrong?
    lovedieshard responded:
    know i asked but i don't know if my i'm right. so if i have herpes, now i don't know what kind if it's hsv1 or 2. and i want to get pregnant. how do i do it? can i have sex without a condom as long as i take supressive therapy, and i don't do it with when i have an outbreak? i really would like to have a baby in the future, but i'm going crazy not knowing how you can do it, if your suppose to use protection all the time? i'm lost. i hope you understand me.
    Godlovesmeanyway responded:
    GO to a different dr & see if they can come up with anything... when in doubt, ask around. that doesn't sound like herpes. (ok, at least not like mine) ... you can also go to your state health dept. & they usually can figure out what is going on with you & what your possible triggers are. I'm sorry you are going thru this.

    My husband & I are trying to get pregnant too... however, up til now (almost 2 yrs married) he had not contracted it until this week.... I think he took it better than I did! He doesn't like having it but is not worried about it either (helps that I am the worrier in this relationship!). Sometimes your diet can trigger it, & sometimes outside sources (stress, sickness, meds, sunlight/sunburns, lack of sleep, etc). Do you take a multivitamin? if not make sure you start! At the very least this will help up your immune system. Also, reg exercise & healthy eating habits will usually help to curtail outbreaks... OH! also... cotton panties are a must during an outbreak (& just to usually wear except every now and then). Have you ever tried putting a cooled used black tea bag on the sores? (I promise it helps!) Eating citrus fruits (more than once a week) tends to help mine flare up... but def. get a 2nd or 3rd opinion. Once the flare up goes away, then is your best bet to trying to get pregnant!

    Hope this helps!

    LDnrse responded:
    As it was said before, yes, chlamydia can cause infertility, if it went untreated for a substansial amount of time and caused scar tissue. You said you wanted a baby 'in the future'. Whoever your partner or spouse is that you decide to conceive with, needs to know the facts about your past infection and herpes. It should then be up to the both of you whether you want to take the chance of spreading herpes. When we got married, my husband was honest with me and told me he had herpes. I accepted it, and chose to have unprotected sex. I did develop herpes, and now take Valtrex (valacyclovir) as needed during outbreaks. My OB/GYN has told me that if my outbreaks become more frequent, then we can change my dosage to 500mg BID daily. It is okay to take Valtrex during pregnancy. (I am a labor & delivery nurse). In fact, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. The risk for HSV outbreaks during pregnancy is really based upon the time of delivery. If you were to deliver vaginally and you had active herpes lesions present, the baby could contract herpes, which can be very life threatening for a neonate. Luckily, if you did have present lesions, a c/section can be done, which would prevent the infant from coming into contact with vaginal lesions. If there are no lesions present at time of labor, or have had no recent outbreaks, your OB may opt to continue vaginal birth. Herpes does not affect fertility. I would also suggest seeing another OBGYN (preferably NOT in the same practice as your previous one), and see what they have to say. Also, HSV I- is normally considered oral herpes, HSV II is considered genital/anal herpes. Also, have you had the bloodwork done to confirm the presence of HSV II antibody? If not, I would consider asking your dr to run that, due to the strange symptoms/outbreaks you have.
    LDnrse responded:
    Sorry! One more thing! If you were treated for your chlamydia, did you later do a TOC (test of cure) to ensure that chlamydia was not longer present? And was your partner treated? If not, you can contract it again. You also need to be aware of they symptoms, to know if you and your partner need to be treated again. Every time you are treated, a TOC needs to be done after the completed round of antibiotics to ensure the infection is not present anymore.
    abe648 responded:
    My advice to you is to first of all get a new Doc/gyn. Herpes does not nor last straight for 3 months. Also if you do have hepres then it also sounds like you have other things go on down yonder.

    I would seek out a new Doc/Gyn and if you are in a large center then google the Herpes Homepage and at the very left of the home page at the bottom if you slide the slide down is a list of Dr that are familiar with herpes.

    U would start all over from square one and ask the new Doc/Gyn to ask for your records from the previous Doc/Gyn and then I would get the new Doc/Gyn to do a blood test to see if you have HSV 1 or HSV 2 or none at all. Also a complete work up for everything your new Doc/Gyn can think of and see what the results are. It is possible to have HSV 1 genitally as well but the only way you can confirm that is with a swab/culture.

    Then if you still get herpes a lot and you want to protect your husband when you ovulate and you have an ob then take a condom and put some really small holes in the end of it and it will allow the semen to come out and you can still get pregnant while protecting him as pest as possible.

    You can take a suppressive therapy while you are trying to get pregnant but you also need to stop taking it as soon as you know you are pregnant.

    I hope this helps you.

    Read the Herpes Handboook for more info as per my signature line. There is a section on pregnancy in it as well. I hope you get the answers you need and that you have many little ones. God Bless the two of you.
    theloveihaveforhim replied to betsyo1967's response:
    MandieSue replied to LDnrse's response:
    Heyy there, Im mandie an i had chlamydia when i was about 118 i think but i had it treated, i never really had any side affects or anything so i didnt know til i had a pap done. After that i was told last year i had Herpes now its like i only have one sore outside on my panty line area and its kinda lik a bloody clot but when i pop it its like it just turns into a pimple/white head kinda thing. Idk if thats a sore or not but can you please help me??? any information would help. I tried to tell ym docotr more than once at the hospital an the womans health center and they told me id have to have a sore for them to check it out..? confused but im very unsure. the main thing is that me an my boyfriend what a kid.. so thats y im here, i really dnt wanna talk to family about this bc i get so embarassed thet they will judge me. I know i got it from a dude an all but its still scared.. please help me, thanks
    MandieSue replied to MandieSue's response:
    18 i meant lol
    elle0317 replied to MandieSue's response:
    Herpes doesn't pop like a pimple. I would suggest having an IGG type specific blood test to find out if you have it

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