High white blood cell count?
awolfe0806 posted:
At the start of what they claim my "first outbreak" I thought I had a UTI bc i had the symptoms and i went to the doctors and they told me my white blood cell count was high so they put me on UTI treatment and thats when all the other symptoms followed *the classic yeast infection symptoms*. When I just went to my new PCP she ran some tests on me and they came back w/ my white blood cell count being really high which she said would be from the herpes. Does that happen right after you've been first infected or does it always show up high now that you have that virus??
lp130 responded:
Proper testing for herpes is an IgG type specific blood test. It tests for HSV1 / HSV2 antibodies in your blood, which is not the same as a high white blood cell count. A high white blood cell count means there's an increase in disease-fighting cells, which could be caused by a myriad of reasons.