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Was diagnosed with HSV-no spleen
Anonymous_1234 posted:
I am hoping to get some advice because as of right now I have given up on my doctors.

For six month now, I have been having several symptoms: reoccuring UTIs reoccuring yeast infections constant discomfort

I went to my family doc several times and she did every test under the sun, everything was normal. She was starting to give the impression that maybe I was just I gave up...

I went to my gyno about 3 months ago to see if she could help again, she did tests and everything came back ok, so she just gave me more yest infection cream and again I gave up...

I finally went to anothe gyno by a recommendation from a friend and after hearing my compaints he asked if I was tested for herpes...of course I figured I was since my doc said she has done every test possible.

The new gyno did a blood test and it came back posivitve for HSV-1 and 2.

He put me on 5 days valtrex x 2 times a day, 500mg.

The issue is I finished it 2 days ago and today, I see more redness and the bo is still there. It seems I am worse then I have been since this all started!

I am very concerned because I dont have a spleen. I lost it 7 years ago to a "non-Specific" ammune attack. I was in the hospital for 45 days cause they thought I had cancer but the bone morrow came back negative. They took my spleen out the next day and I was fine...

In 2003, during my divorce I got shingles and was positive for hepes zolster.

I guess my point is without a spleen what are my options, I am obsolutly miserable and in alot of discomfort.

Should I try IV? I saw some posts else were saying extreme cases moight need it....
betsyo1967 responded:
Terri or I can best help you if you post your blood test results here. We just need the actual numeric results - ie hsv1 igg 4.4 and hsv2 igg 5.7 or whatever they are. That way we can be sure you were properly tested and see if you need any additional confirmatory testing done.

When you had yeast issues, were they properly testing your vaginal secretions for yeast or just doing a visual exam and saying oh that's yeast?

The dose of valtrex you were put on will only help speed healing. You will still have symptoms for a few more days. If by the end of a week post treatment you still have symptoms, return to your gyn for further evaluation and more testing.

Not having a spleen won't affect how the herpes medications work. If this is all due to herpes, treatment will make a difference.
Anonymous_1234 responded:
I dont have the actual blood work, I'll have to call and get it. I'll do that today. The "yeast" infections have been almost constant since this all started in December. What they really were is cracks in the skin almost like paper cuts and they would burn when I urinate. At first I only felt the burning and tought it was a UTI. I had those sypmtoms first and.

As far as the spleen, it does affect how the body handles viruses I guess so my concern is my infection and treatment is going to be that much harder because my body doesn't have the immune system to fight it. I have read alot about people with AIDS getting herpes and it is life threatning cause they have a weakened immune system and it just scares me.

I have a constant flem in my throat and I always feel like I am breathing in cold air. These were one of my original complaints to my doc and she just didnt have a clue what it was. She said I just had a virus cold but for 7 months?

I am starting to think it is all linked and this is in my body more then a normal person!
Anonymous_1234 responded:
I have my lab results

HSV-1 = 3.6 HSV-2=1.88

My symptoms as been going on since December and I can pin it back to the time that I was with my x-fiance.

So this has been going on for a solid 6 what do you think?
jennieann32 responded:
HSV doesn't last for 6 months straight. Did you have any other work up done to see if there's anything else going on down yonder?
Anonymous_1234 responded:
yeah she did a normal STD panel and everything came back fine

She did blood work for syphilis and gonereha also I believe. I know she did it all, EXCEPT for HSV which amazes me...

So you dont think someone with a weak immune system would have it where the bos just dont heal or go away right?
AMSierra responded:
Dear Anonymous, as I know, without a spleen you are prone to various and non-specific bacterial infections for which you need to be treated as soon as they occur. You are also advised to be immunized against lung infections and other bacterial infections. If you develop a fever or any other sever symptoms, you may need to take antibiotics. I am not sure if you went through any of these treatments but having a weak immune system makes you prone to various infections and causes them to last longer than in other healthy people. Check with your doc if you need to take extra Vit. C and such to help your body fight off infections.
betsyo1967 responded:
Your hsv2 igg is still a low positive and needs confirmed with additional confirmatory testing. We recommend the herpes WB if your provider can order it for you. I wouldn't assume you have hsv2 quite at this point unless you can get a + lesion culture.

Having oral and/or genital herpes will not cause issues for 7 months. I know it's frustrating but continue to follow up with your provider and specialists as needed to get to the bottom of it all.
needmoreinfo responded:
I have the same issues that you r have: no spleen since 1996 due to ITP and Hsv 1 & 2 positive since 2009. The past 2 years I have been having the same type of issues. I have also taken meds for HSV that the symptons that doc seems to think was related to HSV. It didn't help. The meds made me sick to my stomach. Lately almost 75% of the time if I had un protective sex I got seriously ill within days symptons such as: severe head pain to the point were it felt like i had an infection of the brain, flu like symtons, extreme fatigue, sometimes to the point of light headlines, diarrhea, severe joint, muscular and stiffness, throat and mouth issues such as lesions.

I went to several doctors that new that I had no spleen and 90 % of them told me that I just had a bug or viral infection which could be treated with rest and drinking liquids. I ended going to an STD clinic I had symtons that I thought was related to HSV and syphilis. The nurse ran a culture and it was neg for HSV. She also run the basic std test for HIV, gonoherra, chlymadia, and syphilis. Since there is a currently high out break of syphilis just to be on the safe side She gave me 2 shots of penicillin G, which is given in the hips of the large muscles area just in case I might test positive for syphilis. All of my Std test came back NEG.

Now back to the penicillin G Shot: out of all the meds the doctors have given me this shot treated over 96% of all the symtons that the other meds either made worse and just didn't help at all. I did a little research and a lot of the meds the doctors were given me was only a substitute for pencilin. They kept telling me these meds were suppose to be more effective than penicillin they were wrong. These doctors were starting to mess with my life not giving me the proper meds for someone without a spleen.. I went to several doctors when I got sick again and no one would give me any type of meds for penicillin what so ever. They keep giving the the penicillin meds substitute again, which either made it worse or didn't help at all. Finally I went online and found a doctor who treats infectious diseases, because I had a gut feeling she would know how to help me. And she did. I was given a shot of the real penicillin and she old me anytime I started having symptons call so she can call me the proper meds to keep me out of the ER or ICU. She told me that if a person without a spleen over looks or wait to late to get treated u could die from infections if the infection is bad enough in a matter of hours. Trust your gut because a lot of these doctors get kick backs from the companies that make the medication they give us. The medical field is no different from any business or politics. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY HOW CAN THEY KEEP U COMING BACK TO THE OFFICE FOR A FOLLOW UP. That cost us money every time w have to a doctors office visit.

I didn't realize how important the spleen is in keeping us from getting infections. It's a blood filter for diseases. My doctors didn't tell me the true side effects of not having a spleen. I still haven't figured out why my body is reacting the way is when I have unpretective SEX. I am still researching!!

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