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    Herpes on abdomen?
    wondering2009 posted:
    I've had herpes for 13 years (from an ex) but my husband doesn't. He recently had what kind of looked like a herpes OB on his lower abdomen! Right along where the top of his jeans rub his belly. It looked like a cluster of several blisters that did eventually ooze and then scab. Can you get herpes there? He's never had any sympotms anywhere else before. It lasted a really long time- a couple of weeks. I don't remember my OB lasting that long. Mine is luckily very mild. I have only had one very minor OB since my 1st one 13 years ago.
    lp130 responded:
    Anywhere in the "boxer short" area can constitute genital herpes. It's unfortunate he didn't get the area swabbed/cultured when he had active symptoms. At this point it makes sense for him to get a blood test anyway, to truly know his herpes status. He should request an IgG type specific blood test. The caveat is, if it was a primary herpes outbreak, it may not show on the test until 3-4 months from now, the time it takes for the antibodies to form.
    wondering2009 responded:
    Thank you for you reply. It's weird- I thought I knew everything there was to know about this considering all the reading I've done over the years... But I just couldn't understand how he could have it on his belly and not on his penis! Here's something else I've always wondered: Once you get your primary infection, can you get it somewhere else later? Like, if it's on his abdomen now, could he eventually have an outbreak on his genitals? I wish too that he would have gone to the doctor. I seem to be a lot more worried about it than he is! He feels that since he knew he stood a risk of getting this from me, and considering we've been together for 6 years, it's not a big shocker. Of course, I wish we could go forever without him getting this. Anyway, thanks again for your help.
    lp130 responded:
    The Herpes Handbook is a good resource as well for herpes info. Glad he's doing o.k. with it, that sure helps! :lightsmile:
    wondering2009 responded:
    I checked out the handbook. It's great!! There were several things there that I didn't know. Thank you so much. You're doing a good thing here!

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